PRETTY LITTLE LIARS S5E8: ‘You’re always the problem’


By David Oliver

OK, so a little bit happened on #PLL this week – which is a giant change from the norm, so let’s appreciate that for a moment.


Since when are all these girls in choir? We know Aria can sing, but the rest? This seemed a little off, even for this show. Also, was that a Christmas carol? It’s July… Continue reading


MASTERS OF SEX S2E3: ‘I can make myself feel good’


By David Oliver

OK, so this episode was superb. Expertly written. I have one large problem with it though: it was almost too on the nose. While reminiscent of “Mad Men’s” “The Suitcase,” a character study of the show’s two leads, the plots felt forcibly too convenient. Let me explain: Continue reading

ROUNDTABLE: TRUE BLOOD, S7E6: Sookie’s the worst (or is she?)


by Josh Axelrod and David Oliver 

Two words sum up this week’s “True Blood”: GODDAMMIT SOOKIE!!!! (Well, let’s discuss).


JOSH: I repeat, GODDAMMIT SOOKIE!!!! How can you feel bad for her when every bad thing that happens on this show is more or less her fault? Alcide’s death was only because he was out looking for her. What was she busy doing? BEING VAMPIRE BAIT. And her faux flirting with Bill that turned into a neck-sucking session gave him the weirdest, fastest-evolving Hep V we’ve seen yet. I bet it’s her fairy blood that’s somehow speeding up the process with Bill. Either way, as Pam would say: “I am so over Sookie and her precious fairy vagina.” Continue reading

Legend of Korra S3E8: Attack of the Red Lotus


It was only a matter of time before the Red Lotus found Korra. As enjoyable as the Metal Clan arc has been, she probably should have listened to Lin and gone back to Republic City a while ago. As well-protected as Zaofu is, it’s much easier to kidnap the Avatar in the middle of nowhere than in a steampunk fortress. Continue reading

Suits, S4E6: “Litt the Hell Up”


By Anamika Roy 

You gotta love the episodes of TV that make your heart race. Ones that leave you with a knot in your stomach – the kind of feeling that should be reserved for, you know, real life events and not TV characters. That’s precisely the effect this week’s Suits had on me. Continue reading