Roundtable: SUITS, S4E4


By Josh Axelrod and Anamika Roy 

Time for another Binge Central roundtable! This time, we’re discussing all the wheelings and dealings on “Suits.” Now that Mike and Harvey are at each other’s throats, who’s going to cry uncle first? And what parts will Jessica and Rachel play in all this? Let’s jump right in:


JOSH: Sean Cahill hasn’t been much of an antagonist so far. His quest to “sink Harvey’s battleship” just doesn’t seem quite as threatening as, say, Ava Hessington’s malpractice suit from last season. Though he clearly has it out for Harvey, and he did an expert job of driving a wedge between him and Mike right as they were starting to mend fences. But still, no potential bad guy from this season has reached Tanner Fitzgerald or Stephen Huntley levels of villainy yet. Am I missing something, or are they just kind of lame at the moment?

ANAMIKA: “I’m not in the manufacturing business.” After Harvey dealt with Woodall with much more ease than expected, maybe Cahill won’t be as big of a threat either. But at least we’ll be treated to some snarky and entertaining exchanges between the prosecutor and the closer. Now that the firm has been through the Hardman and Ava Hessington stuff, Sean Cahill and the SEC don’t seem to be scaring anyone. Also, he clearly lacks the irresistible, bad-boy vibe we got (or at least Donna and I did) from Stephen Huntley. The SEC has to follow the rules, or at least pretend and in the world of corporate law, that’s just boring. Though it will be interesting to see if this fight brings Harvey and Mike together. It definitely didn’t in this episode. Maybe Mike’s fake lawyer past will be part of Cahill’s attack – he seems like the kind of guy that would figure out something like that .

JOSH: I don’t know, the only one who seems to have really figured out Mike’s secret on his or her own was that hacker chick who gave him his fake degree. Louis came tantalizingly close, but then dropped his search for the truth altogether. I just don’t know if Cahill is smart enough to get there on his own. Of course that might be because we know nothing about him yet, but still.


Eric Roberts as Charles Fortsman. Photo courtesy of Access Hollywood

JOSH: It’s nice to see Eric Roberts getting work. He’ll probably always be little more than Julia Roberts’s acting brother, but the man knows how to play smarmy. And Charles Fortsman appears to be perfect role for him. He only had one scene this week, but it left an impact. Mike thought he was just going to let Charles go and never see him again. But that crafty bastard not only solved his money problem, but even made sure Sidwell was in on the deal. Like it or not, Mike is kind of stuck with him.

ANAMIKA: Definitely did not see that maneuver coming at the end – though I did find the “tombstone” scene in the beginning very suspicious. I knew Sidwell couldn’t be that naive. Then again, if Mike is going to make deals with slimeballs like Fortsman, he has to learn pretty quickly that people like that don’t just walk away from a deal. Makes me wonder if Mike had it easier as a fake lawyer. He’s really missing his stride this season and it’s starting to make me sad.


How long will Jeff and Jessica last? Photo courtesy of Suits Fans

JOSH: I like Malone. He has solid chemistry with Jessica, can adeptly trade barbs with Harvey and even proved he could tag-team clients with Louis. But the man is also one hell of a lawyer. I don’t entirely understand what he did that allowed Jessica to buy that stock, but I’m assuming it was badass in terms of corporate law. Hopefully Jessica threw him a bone that night for his efforts.

ANAMIKA: Really Josh? Threw him a bone? I do agree about Malone’s chemistry. “Sounds like you’re being a bit of a dickhead about this whole thing so I’d say yes.” Great line from Harvey when Malone asks if he’s part of “the team.” Also, being in a relationship with Jessica seems like risky business. You never know when she will use your emotional vulnerabilities against you. That being said, I don’t completely trust Malone. I get a Stephen Huntley vibe from him – especially now that we know about his past at the SEC. I question how strong his loyalties are. Also, the women on this show have a history of picking the wrong guys.

JOSH: I agree that Malone can’t possibly be as straightforward as he seems. But I don’t want to see him devolve into Huntley levels of evil. Jessica deserves some happiness in her life. I hope her boy toy doesn’t turn out to be a killer too.


I can feel the love.

JOSH: This was my favorite Louis storyline since Nigel and that cat. Donna and Louis have quietly forged a cute friendship this season. It was nice to see the show explore Donna’s creative side as she tried to rekindle her acting spark. Of course Louis would end up helping her find her inner thespian, and of course he knows every word to every Shakespeare play. “One can’t choke on the joy of life without one’s mouth full.” Classic Litt. Donna even helped Louis conquer his stage fright by tricking him into performing with her. Which prompted Louis to tell Donna she could be a lawyer if she really wanted to be. Potential new Donna storyline?

ANAMIKA: These two are going to hook-up, you heard it here first. I liken it to Dan and Blair on “Gossip Girl” or Charlotte and Harry on “Sex and the City.” Kind of a Beauty and the Beast situation but you can’t argue with that chemistry! Donna going back on stage (and Louis joining her!) was an unexpected plot line and I loved every second of it. I don’t really want to see it spill into future episodes though. Donna going to law school could be an interesting storyline but it might have too much overlap with Rachel.

JOSH: Donna got Harvey once. I don’t think she’s going to let herself be Litt up anytime soon. For her dignity’s sake, I hope not at least. That said, I would love to see her and Rachel as law school gal pals. Something about that just seems right.


JOSH: Poor Rachel 😦 First and foremost, Harvey is a dick. So of course he was going to yell at her when she asked for a little time to rest and recuperate. This led to her collapsing from exhaustion at Columbia and being sedated in the hospital to force some sleep on her. Rachel will be okay, but her subconscious appeared to be telling her a few things she wasn’t ready to accept about Logan and Mike. Thoughts?

ANAMIKA: First of all, I find the Rachel storyline hard to buy sometimes. I know, it’s just a TV show on USA which is known for shows with over-the-top sets. But seriously, if Rachel is literally fainting to pay for law school, maybe she should ease up on the designer clothes and save up some money (especially that $4,000 Burberry jacket because I’m jealous and I want it). Also, Rachel, I’m glad you’re okay after your fainting incident, but how dare you look so perfect leaving the hospital!? It’s not fair! I’ve got a nasty feeling about the inevitable Logan/Mike love triangle. I have faith that Mike and Rachel will prevail though.

JOSH: Well, we know one person Rachel won’t get with:


JOSH: These two make better friends than enemies. They spent all episode accusing each other of backstabbing and skirting the law, but it took Rachel’s hospital visit to bring them both together. That dinner was incredibly bromantic, and it came so close to putting them back on the same side. Then Cahill had to go accuse them of collusion and tell them about Jessica buying that crucial stock. Now Mike believes Harvey went behind his back and they have that Cahill asshole baring down their throats. Can’t we all just get along?

ANAMIKA: Mike and Harvey have been in this feud for so long now I almost forget about the last three years when they were Batman and Robin. So far, Mike has been a cocky idiot and Harvey has been the smarter, more reasonable one. This week turned the tables a little – at least from Mike’s perspective after that stock sale. I’m sure they’ll be on the same side again by the end of the season, the scene in the restaurant was definitely a good teaser. That said, if everyone got along this would be a really boring show. I want to see them fight a little more.

JOSH: Yeah…yeah fair enough. Though now it REALLY looks like they’re colluding. Harvey should just call Michael Jordan and have him pay everyone off. That should do the trick, right?

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