TRUE BLOOD, S7E5: Bring on the drama


By David Oliver

Overall, this episode was a carefully thought-out, character-driven chapter of “True Blood” that will really make me miss these characters more than I thought I would. Let’s sink our teeth into this week:


What do you do when someone dies? DRINK AND PARTY, duh. At least that’s what happens at Sookie’s house thanks to Lafayette – it actually brings the town together in a really supportive, surprising way, at least at the start. Even Lettie Mae says some nice words about Tara before stabbing Willa with a knife (?!) to get some of her blood. Addicts will be addicts, they say (do they say that? unclear). Anyway, Sookie is feeling pretty awful but after a beautifully written heart-to-heart with Arlene, she’s remembering the good parts about him and that it’s OK to miss him. She even lets herself have a moment with Bill – and their little theme music plays again! Suddenly I won’t be so upset if these two don’t end up together. The chemistry may be a bit more steamy with Eric, but Sookie and Bill work too. Alcide’s father overheard Sookie and Arlene and left Sookie one of Alcide’s jackets to wear to make her feel better – sweet touch.


They FINALLY went there with Lafayette and James – thank goodness, really, considering we’re already halfway through the season, and something tells me that story isn’t over yet. Jessica caught Lafayette shtupping James in the back of their car, and her reaction was pretty strong considering she barely knew the guy (as Lafayette sassily pointed out), but it didn’t take long for a few kind words from Jason to land her on top of him again. I’ve always been a fan of these two together – the chemistry is just on point. Poor Violet though, who I have to admit I found absolutely annoying and unnecessary until this episode – she just wants to fit in. This plot’s about to get pretty juicy though: Violet hears and knows what’s going on. Lafayette’s declaration of how he just wants to be happy was perfect. It’s nice to finally see him getting what he wants again.

jessica jason

Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) and Jason (Ryan Kwanten), “True Blood,” GIF courtesy of


Andy told Jessica to stop torturing herself over killing three of his daughters – that it was making him hold on to all that hurt too. This character has really grown, and it prove even more true later when he decided to pop the question! Andy proposed to Holly and it was all kinds of adorable, if you can ignore the fact that he used Gran’s ring that Jason was supposed to use some day (Cue Violet with a zing: “that’s it?”). I guess that’s small-town living for you. Awkward, though, this now makes the kids step-siblings. They’ll probably still get busy though, this is “True Blood.”


Pam and Eric track down Sarah Newlin’s sister Amber Mills with Willa’s help after Eric releases her, which frankly wasn’t sad at all. Guess what Amber’s a VAMPIRE, who wants Sarah dead just as much as the rest of the world. Plush, she has Hep-V, too. Cue Pam and Eric dressing up and sneaking into a Republican convention in Dallas (Pam coined the term “Republic*nt” and it was incredible. Thank you, HBO) to find Sarah and take matters into their own fast-moving hands. The Yakuza showed up and started shooting up the place (including killing Sarah and Amber’s folks). A picture of Ted Cruz fell during this chaos – subtle. Eric then literally pulled the jaw out of the main Yakuza man before he could take Sarah. So what do Eric and Pam have in mind for the vixen? Also, Eric reached stage 2 of the Hep-V virus – how long does he have left?


Boring Civil War flashbacks but I guess just to remind us of Bill’s humanity? I’ll take it. BUT UH OH. Bill’s infected too! Looks like Sookie actually might end up totally alone after all – full-circle ending of the series ahead, folks? But I don’t really buy that…my guess is Eric OR Bill is going to bit the proverbial wooden bullet and Sookie will be left with the other.

Quick hits

– Nicole why are you even on this show? Your dialogue is painfully unnecessary and you asking Sam to leave the party just shows how much you don’t fit in. Was this intentional by the writers? I think her baby is going to live, but I would guess her days are numbered.

– Arlene/Keith is probably happening. “I have to make a tinkle because you know I am a human,” she says. Priceless.

– Sarah Newlin to her mother: “I’m not a monster. I’m a Buddhist!”

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