Legend of Korra S3E8: Attack of the Red Lotus


It was only a matter of time before the Red Lotus found Korra. As enjoyable as the Metal Clan arc has been, she probably should have listened to Lin and gone back to Republic City a while ago. As well-protected as Zaofu is, it’s much easier to kidnap the Avatar in the middle of nowhere than in a steampunk fortress.

Zaheer and his gang came a Pabu wake-up call away from making off with a tranquilized Korra. Team Avatar had to face the Red Lotus in their pajamas, but a little grogginess didn’t stop them from making Zaheer wish he had planned things out a little more carefully.

The Red Lotus. Photo courtesy of Legend of Korra Online

This was probably the most impressive metalbending showcase “Korra” has ever given us. Su and Lin were in top form, and even their guards put up one hell of a fight against four of the world’s scariest benders. Mako and Bolin weren’t doing much more than providing cover fire, but Bolin did get his moment by shooting a well-timed rock at P’Li’s head. He might not be able to metalbend, but Bolin is an incredible earthbender.

Side note: how long have “lava” and “combustion” bending been a thing? Lavabending appeared to be nothing more than suped up firebending, and I’d love to know the story between P’Li’s third eye. But hey, they’re badass, so I won’t question it too much.

Predictably, Team Avatar saved Korra and sent the Red Lotus packing. That left an important question lingering: how did the Red Lotus penetrate a supposedly impenetrable city? Everyone rightly assumed they had to have had help, and thus an investigation was launched.

Show of hands: who guessed pretty quickly that Aiwei, the Truth Seer, the only resident of Zaofu who wasn’t subjected to the lie detector test because he was the freakin’ lie detector, was the mole? His eyes were just shifty enough to give him away.

Though it was great that Varrick of all people was the one to point everyone in his direction. Varrick is always up to something, but I don’t think he’s working with the Red Lotus. After his shady dealings last season, I think he’s now officially nothing but comic relief, which is fine by me.

Oh Varrick. Photo courtesy of Bubble Blabber

When Team Korra confronted Aiwei about his double cross, he said something sinister and then disappeared behind a metal wall. He did leave everyone a fun little surprise in the form of a BOMB, which Korra was luckily able to deflect with some expert airbending. But there’s clearly no redeeming this guy.

Su didn’t seem quite distraught enough about her most trusted advisor’s betrayal. Her eyes were also a bit too shifty when she “found out” about Aiwei, almost as if she was more upset that he got caught. She also helped Korra directly disobey Lin’s orders (ones that would’ve kept Korra safe) by giving her the tools to go out and search for Aiwei on their own.

We’ve spent too much time repairing the Su and Lin relationship for Su to be working with the Red Lotus. Plus, she did help Team Avatar rescue Korra during the kidnapping. That said, we know Su has a rebellious streak. And for all we know, maybe she’s always been pissed about her mom kicking her out of Republic City and somehow thinks working with Zaheer will bring her some kind of catharsis.

Also, Bolin and Opal are totally the new Sokka and Suki. I approve.

Young love. Photo courtesy of Avatar Wiki

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