PRETTY LITTLE LIARS S5E8: ‘You’re always the problem’


By David Oliver

OK, so a little bit happened on #PLL this week – which is a giant change from the norm, so let’s appreciate that for a moment.


Since when are all these girls in choir? We know Aria can sing, but the rest? This seemed a little off, even for this show. Also, was that a Christmas carol? It’s July…


Mrs. Montgomery is back in town and asks Aria to be her maid of honor – too bad Aria blows her off to go to volunteer (and get kicked out) of Radley after spending too much time with Rhonda. Side note: can Rhonda become a series regular? She’s pretty refreshing considering how annoying the rest of these characters have become over five seasons. But this isn’t Aria’s only problem…


Hanna’s become sort of an alcoholic these days, and her downward spiral is affecting everyone. Does one of the liars have to go on one of these benders every half-season? I thought it was going to be Aria’s turn, but I guess Hanna is taking one for the team this time. Everyone is pissed from the get-go because of her conversation with Sydney, but things go from bad to worse when Zack makes a pass at her at the Brew. She tries to be responsible and tells the other girls, but Aria’s reaction is less than understanding. “You’re always the problem,” she hisses. Ouch.


Hanna Marin (Ashley Benson), “Pretty Little Liars,” GIF courtesy


Tanner questions Alison about Shana again. Ali later decides to crash at Hanna’s while her dad is away and grows closer to Ashley, almost acting as Hanna’s replacement while she spends more time with Caleb. Someone breaks into the house while Ashley and Alison are home, and Ali insists she saw a man’s shadow.


Sydney shows up at Emily’s house unannounced, but not before slipping up and mentioning she knows the girls were in New York. What is UP with this girl? Emily and Spencer end up trapped in a stable in search of clues re: Bethany, with Spencer getting knocked in the eye by a horse. Let’s also remember this isn’t the first time horses have played a role on this show.


Hanna Marin (Ashley Benson) and Mona Vanderwaal (Janel Parrish), “Pretty Little Liars,” photo courtesy


But that’s not the biggest news of all – it turns out Ali asked Noel Kahn to break into Hanna’s house to make Ashley and everyone else stop questioning what happened to her. Crazytown, population Alison.


– Toby’s going to join the police academy – will it be good to have someone on the inside, or will he become a crooked cop like the rest?

– Circling all the As in sheet music, clever. Side note: is this TVLine theory correct re: Christmas music?

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