Where Have All the Good TV Dads Gone?


By Josh Axelrod

It’s easy to spot the worst dads on TV. They’re usually pretty in your face with their awful parenting techniques.

Let’s see, we have…

  • Tywin Lannister, who spawned three children that hate his guts. Two of his children started hooking up, which is frowned upon even in Westeros. Tywin also mercilessly berated poor Tyrion until he snapped and *Spoiler Alert* pumped a couple arrows into his father’s chest.
  • Don Draper, who only acted like a parent when he didn’t have a choice. He scarred poor Sally for life when she walked in on him screwing the neighbor’s wife.
  • Ted Mosby, who spent NINE YEARS telling his kids the story of how he met their mother, only to turn around and ask out their “Aunt” Robin. He wins my Creeper of the Year award.
  • Nicholas Brody, who brought death and destruction back with him from Afghanistan. To be fair, he might have been Father of the Year before he left for the Middle East, but, like Walter White, his actions since “Homeland” began leave much to be desired

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PRETTY LITTLE LIARS, S5E7: ‘You don’t know me at all’


By David Oliver

Yet again, nothing happened. Alas, it yet again took about 42 minutes to realize this. Let’s crack the coffin (is that a saying?) on this week’s #PLL:


Aha! Parents sort of exist. The writers even threw in a quick line reminding us she’s been in Texas with Emily’s father. She suddenly wants to throw a dinner together for Emily and her friends, especially Alison. This should be good – and it is. Spencer and Aria bail, but a vodka-wasted Hanna makes an awkward dinner even more awkward for Emily, Mrs. Fields and Alison. Later, Mrs. Fields says she had an inkling in retrospect that Emily had more than friendly feelings for  and gives her a warning about still keeping Alison’s secrets and keeping up with her story: “You don’t have to keep saving her.” She’s right, Ems. Emily leaves a voicemail for Paige and almost says I love you.  Continue reading

TV Opening Credits: The Good, The Bad, and the WTF


By Josh Axelrod, David Oliver and Anamika Roy

Last week, Vulture published a rant about its least favorite television opening credits called “When Bad Credits Happen to Good TV Shows.” We at Binge Central disagreed with about 90 percent of what they had to say, particularly the fact that they called “New Girl” a “good TV show.” Here are our thoughts on the current landscape of television opening credits: Continue reading

MASTERS OF SEX, S2E2: ‘You’re not your worst part’


By David Oliver

The action picked up this week on “Masters of Sex” with an episode of revelations, new beginnings and a whole lot of tension. And not just the physical kind.


Bill and Virginia didn’t spend as much time together aside from walking into the hotel together at the end of the episode, but I didn’t really miss all those relationship-what-are-we-doing discussions from last week. This show works best when other characters enter the fold to complicate that central relationship.  The episode starts off with a random family having dinner when the teenage daughter suddenly starts having what looks like a miscarriage, but it’s later revealed it’s complications from a botched abortion – this girl (Rose)’s second. When Bill refuses to perform a hysterectomy on Rose as requested by Rose, her mother and Dr. Greathouse, Greathouse is forced by the board to keep a closer eye on Masters. Bill defends his decision, saying Rose’s promiscuity is just part of an array of sexual dysfunctions in the world, including that of Scully’s homosexuality. Greathouse is still most intrigued by Bill’s study, curious about, ahem, “point of entry” studies. Rose is ashamed of her sexual desires, saying it makes her feel ashamed – almost a direct comparison to how Bill and Virginia feel about their relationship. Bill later gives Rose an IUD and offers her some words of wisdom, which directly applies to… Continue reading

Last Week Tonight: Puppets Making Everything Less Depressing


By Joshua Axelrod

There’s just something irresistible about John Oliver as a performer. I think it’s the delightful accent combined with his ability to find the humor in the obvious. For example, see the screenshot below:

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 10.36.43 PM

Yes, John, we get it. “The egg is going to get f*cked against its will.” But somehow when he points out the obvious, it’s hilarious. Some comedians have that intangible skill to make anything funny. Oliver is definitely one of them. Continue reading