Suits S4E7: Louis Saves The Day, Again


By Josh Axelrod 

For the second week in a row, everyone got Litt the hell up. Last week, Louis was the one who gave Logan Sanders control of Gillis Industries through some shady dealings with Charles Fortsman. This week, he saved Mike from selling his soul by using the reward Jessica promised him to bring everyone’s favorite fraud back to Pearson Specter.

It was only a matter of time before “Suits” hit the reset button and brought Mike back where he belongs. I thought we might get a full season before he came crawling back to Harvey and Jessica, but instead we only get seven episodes of Mike the investment banker. Of course, not everything is entirely back to normal.

Rachel told Mike about her kiss with Logan. It was probably better he found out this way than from some other source, but the look of hurt on Mike’s face was heartbreaking. And of course Rachel chose to tell him right after he had told her that nothing else mattered as long as they had each other. Naturally.

Mike, seething with anger, went over to Logan and promptly punched him in the face. Their entire skirmish was reminiscent of Harvey beating the crap out of Stephen Huntley last season, with the main difference being Logan fought back. Even worse, Logan told Mike that Rachel loved the kiss, something she failed to mention.

This led to the “we’re done” moment in the lobby of Pearson Specter. This has been a terrible season for Rachel, and her mistakes were bound to have consequences. But it seemed like she didn’t spend a second of this episode without tears in her eyes. Meghan Markle is right up there with Lea Michele and Claire Danes, actresses with the best cry faces on TV. You could tell she was regretting everything that led up to that moment.

After a pep talk from Harvey (who is basically Mike’s cool uncle at this point and it’s adorable), Mike decided not to completely give up on him and Rachel. Of course, he’s moving out for a little bit, but that’s understandable. Those two moved ridiculously quickly anyway. Maybe a little space will be exactly what they need to repair their relationship.

Awkward. Photo courtesy of Gabriel Macht Fan Page

Elsewhere, Jessica and Jeff had to deal with the fallout of Jeff’s “I’m not just any god damn partner” speech. Basically, all Jeff was looking for was an apology. These two have a frustrating dynamic. They clearly like each other, but stupid work arguments keep pitting them against each other. Hopefully we see less of them bickering and more of Jeff and Louis getting bromantic. Watching those two tag-team a client to get his real story a few episodes ago is still one of my favorite scenes this season.

And speaking of Louis, he had to deal with the slimy feeling that comes from working with Charles Fortsman. The only reason he was willing to work around taxes per Fortsman’s instructions was the gratitude he got from Jessica and Harvey. Leave it to Katrina to remind him that he earned those accolades, one tiny illegal act be damned.

Along the way, Louis was also reminded that he’s still very much in love with Sheila. He was originally going to use his reward from Jessica to restructure his contract so he could go to Boston and win her back. How weird is it that, four seasons in, Louis is now the character on this show that I’m rooting for the most? Why isn’t Rick Hoffman getting Emmy nominations again?

Anyway, finalizing the deal with Fortsman just reminded Louis he was dealing with a world-class scumbag. Mike’s lucky he ran into Louis on his way to accept Fortsman’s job offer. Louis saw that Mike had hit rock bottom, and because he is now officially a good guy, he was willing to do whatever it took to make sure Mike didn’t ally himself with Fortsman. Even if that meant getting him his job back at Pearson Specter.

Really, the only reason I can think of for not putting Louis’s name on the door is that he’s still annoying as hell. But he’s done so much good work for the firm that Jessica is eventually going to have to make Pearson Specter Litt into a thing. As long as he stops telling people he eats cock for breakfast, lunch and dinner, he should make one hell of a named partner.

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