ROUNDTABLE: TRUE BLOOD S7E7: Filler, filler and more filler


By Josh Axelrod and David Oliver

“May Be the Last Time” is an episode that exemplifies what makes “True Blood” so simultaneously entertaining and frustrating. On one hand, you have weird sex dungeons and Anna Camp trying to win an Emmy with a messiah complex. On the other, you have storylines that slowed to a crawl while characters either sat around or literally wasted each other’s time. Let’s dive right in:


JOSH: I mean, can we all agree that Sookie is officially the worst now? This is just as bad as Sam hooking up with Nicole a few days after Luna died last season. Alcide had been dead for all of two days! Of course her weird fairy journey was somehow going to lead her back into Bill’s arms, and I like an Anna Paquin sex scene as much as the next guy. But Sookie’s a slut. I’m just going to throw that out there. And if Bill does succumb to Hep V, it’ll be all her fault. So as much as the show has always been about Sookie and Bill’s relationship, this just feels so disingenuous.

DAVID: Again, I have to disagree with you. I think this season has done a great job building up to a Bill-Sookie reunion that I’m all in for. It’s always been Bill and Sookie from the beginning when she met him at then-Merlotte’s. Even if he had ulterior motives and they’ve done awful things to each other, that love is real. Well, as real as it can be for TV.

Sarah Newlin

JOSH: I don’t know when Anna Camp became this show’s MVP, but I think her meltdown this week cemented her as the most fun part of this show. Delving into Sarah Newlin’s brain has been both fascinating and terrifying. Last week we saw glimpses of her insanity, but this week she was having arguments with her hallucinations…and losing. And now that Eric has found her, it looks like her days are numbered. It’s a shame, because she’s been the only consistently entertaining character this season. Preemptive R.I.P., Ms. Newlin.

DAVID: I’ve always been a fan of her character, and as I said last week, where is Anna Camp’s starring vehicle pilot?! Her character’s transformation is the strongest of the whole series. Also, loved getting to see Steve Newlin again – what a fun, absurd character.

sarah newlin crazy

Sarah Newlin (Anna Camp), “True Blood,” GIF courtesy


JOSH: Of course Violet has a sex dungeon. But what the hell is she planning on doing to those poor kids? She’s clearly trying to get revenge on Jason for using her, but I mean, what’s her plan here? I literally don’t have one clue. Thoughts?

DAVID: AAAH. That’s all I have to say. Violet is legitimately terrifying. I am so scared for those kids. I think she just wants to harbor love all for herself and she sees it in Adalind and Wade. She wants to nourish that for herself and how she sees it fit. For her, that means a crazy sex dungeon. And it looks like that’s what’s in store for next week. Here’s hoping they escape – I’m surprisingly invested in their relationship.


JOSH: Everytime I think Jason might’ve learned something, he does something dopey like spend half an episode ogling his ex-best friend’s hot girlfriend. If Jason steals another girl from Hoyt, I think we can safely say that he has not learned a damn thing in seven seasons on this show. Also, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I wish they had just left Hoyt in Alaska, where he was safe and happy. I know he had to come back for his mom, but the chances of him surviving much longer just don’t seem very high. Poor Hoyt.

DAVID: Ugh, I wanted them to bring Hoyt back but this is sad. What I do like is that even though Jessica and Jason tempted fate and wiped Hoyt’s memories, Jason is about to do the same thing to Hoyt and steal his girlfriend yet again. So Jason and Hoyt’s friendship is and was always doomed – clever writing. I’m still #TeamJessicaandJason though.


Hoyt Fortenberry (Jim Parrack), “True Blood,” photo courtesy


JOSH: I mean, they had some cute moments. But waaaaaaay too much time was spent on their misadventures in Oklahoma. This is another classic example of this show overvaluing its characters and giving minor ones whose stories are meh too much screen time. It’s not as bad as devoting half an episode to Terry’s funeral, but really, let’s bring Andy, Holly, Jessica and Violet together and just put this storyline to bed.

DAVID: I’m curious to see how it plays out more than I thought, but I do want to get back to the show’s core characters as we approach the “true” end.


JOSH: I never assume a sex scene on this show is real until the camera cuts away and it’s not a blood-induced dream. That logic served me well here. Though I will say, Keith and Arlene were almost cute together. I say almost because, who the hell is Keith? Yes I know who he is, but I can’t think of one thing we know about him other than that he’s a good guy. James was a “good guy” too…we all know how that turned out.

DAVID: #TeamKeithandArlene. It’s about time Arlene can be happy. And my goodness the character development! Arlene couldn’t even look at a vampire in season one without freaking out.


Arlene (Carrie Preston) and Keith (Riley Smith), “True Blood,” photo courtesy


JOSH: That scene with Arlene and Sam was sweet. Sam really should just get out of town while the getting is good. Bon Temps is no place to raise a child. Especially if there’s a chance it might be shifter.

DAVID: LOVED that scene. Honestly I hope everyone leaves Bon Temps and it burns to the ground so everyone can lead normal (?) lives elsewhere.

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