PRETTY LITTLE LIARS, S5E10: ‘The truth doesn’t amount to much when it comes from a bunch of liars’


By David Oliver

Apologies there was no recap last week, but to be honest, as per usual, this show is mostly filler anyway. If you have questions about what you missed, feel free to ask away! Or look at this other recap for last week if you’re so inclined – one of my favorite websites (besides this one, duh).

The most important thing to know: Cyrus Petrillo showed up – the man who “kidnapped” Ali. WHAT?!


Ali (Sasha Pieterse), “Pretty Little Liars,” GIF courtesy

Tanner asks Ali if she knows Cyrus, and she says “I don’t know.” Um, how could you possibly know a man who didn’t kidnap you? Well, I’ll get to that later. But for now, are we supposed to believe this is A’s doing? “Whatever you’re afraid of, please don’t be,” Mr. DiLaurentis says as he tries to alleviate his daughter’s concerns. Poor guy doesn’t know the half of it. It turns out Ali knows Cyrus all right – he’s the one who gave her that scar! The two were living together in an abandoned basement with others when he took her money and ran. Emily reminds Ali she has to let him go, he’s just bait for “A.” “We’re all in this together or we’re not,” Emily coos.

Hanna’s been pretty profound these days. “She’s in the driver’s seat of my life and I’m supposed to watch her just steer me off a cliff?” Hanna’s feelings about Ali aren’t changing, and she decides to focus her attention on her and Caleb’s diet and exercise and a chorus audition (Christmas special clue again). Mona’s there too, and wow, Janel Parrish has quite a voice. “We get it Mona, you can freakin’ sing,” Hanna yells shortly before Mona randomly faints. Apparently, Ali’s return has brough on panic attacks for the former “A.” “Look Mona we both know Ali brings out the A in you,” Hanna teases. She’s not far off – Mona has Cyrus’s mugshot and tapped Tanner’s phone to keep tabs on him.

Meanwhile, Spencer lost track of the recording and thinks Melissa’s involved. After all, “A” sent a text “check mate,” and Melissa’s “always liked chess.” Spencer creepily gets a phone call with the recording playing in the background.

Tanner takes Ali and Mr. DiLaurentis to the supposed “basement” and Ali flashes back to Cyrus leaving her. Ali confirms the kidnapping, disobeying the girl’s wishes – especially Emily’s. Em and Ali have it out – “You weren’t there, Em.” “When wasn’t I there? I stuck up for you…against everyone…I’m done Ali. I am so done with you.” Ouch. And later, to the other liars: “We need to cut ties with Ali now. Tonight.”

And for good reason – because Ali planned the whole Cyrus debacle, and gives him a plane ticket to get out of town! What exactly is your game here, Ali?! More questions than answers, yet again. Will we ever know the whole truth?

“Pretty Little Liars” opening, GIF courtesy

Quick hits

“The truth doesn’t amount to much when it comes from a bunch of liars.” – Aria, who delivers the line that encompasses this entire series. Bravo, writers.

“Normal people aren’t being hounded by A.” – Caleb

“Honesty does not come easy for this family.” – Melissa, who wants Spencer to leave the country with her because it “isn’t safe.” This is after Spencer confronts her about giving away the tape. “Ali is as toxic as ever” – you’ve got that right, Melissa. But what are you leaving Spencer a video for?

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