Suits S4E9: “You Can’t Hide Money From the SEC”


There really was only one way for Louis’ predicament to play out, and it didn’t involve him staying at Pearson Specter. Now it looks like, at least for an episode, we live in a world where Louis Litt is no longer a part of the firm that was his entire life. Of course, Louis wasn’t the only character feeling the backlash from a recent wrongdoing. Let’s dive into this week’s drama:


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JOSH: Louis spent all season taking one step forward and two steps back. Every time he did something right, he did something stupid that either made him or the entire firm look bad. As Jessica said: “Last year, he blew up our merger negotiations because of a cat.” Fair point.

The Fortsman deal was by far his biggest blunder, and as was mentioned a few times, it wasn’t a mistake so much as a choice. So Louis being forced to resign made sense in terms of the consequences equaling the crime.

That said, it was pretty clear no one but Jessica wanted to see Louis leave. Harvey and Donna both pleaded their cases to Jessica, but her decision was final. That final shot of Louis with leaving with a box of his things while his voiceover said “Please take care of my mom” was nothing short of heartbreaking. I’ll say it for like the fifth time on this website: Emmy’s, start taking USA seriously and pay attention Rick Hoffman. He deserves some sort of award for playing one of TV’s strangest and most sympathetic characters.

ANAMIKA: Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) is TV drama’s best kept secret. The sound of Louis’ voice breaking up in the voice over made for one of the most emotional scenes I’ve seen in a while. In regards to his epic mistake, I’m with Donna. He only agreed to Fortsman’s demands because he was determined to get Harvey and Jessica’s approval. Unfortunately, that wouldn’t make for a good defense with the SEC.

This central plot was really a maze that had both positive and negative consequences. Kudos to the writers for coming up with such a complex storyline that fits perfectly with so many minute details. Let’s face it, if Louis hadn’t agreed to funnel Fortsman’s money, Mike would not be back at Pearson Specter and we as the audience would be subject to the agony of watching him be a knock-off Harvey for at least another week.


JOSH: Harvey softened his stance on Louis pretty quickly, didn’t he? I think this is a testament to how much their relationship has grown in four seasons. Even earlier this season, Harvey probably would have tossed Louis aside the second his secret was revealed. Instead, after the initial wave of anger wore off, Harvey was actively defending his place in the firm. “Suits” may be about the Harvey/Mike bromance, but the Harvey/Louis relationship is just as important to the show’s core fabric. Well done on that front.

Also, Harvey had the best line of the week as he tried to intimidate Cahill early in the episode: “This isn’t a ball, it’s a wrecking ball. And it’s heading your way.”

ANAMIKA: First off, I didn’t get to comment on the past two episode so allow me to freak out for a second, WOW SO THEY ACTUALLY DID SLEEP TOGETHER THAT ONE TIME. Okay I’m done.

Donna was put in an awkward situation between managing Harvey’s anger and being there for Louis (while giving him the tough love he deserved). I agree that the Harvey/Louis relationship is essential to the show but I would say it’s also the most complex.

I said this before and I’ll say it again, Louis and Donna should be a couple. They compliment each other so well. That’s why Louis didn’t go to Sheila, it wasn’t meant to be!


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JOSH: “Suits” is amazing at turning its villains into reluctant heroes by revealing their true motivations. They did it last season with Cameron Dennis, showing that underneath his general douchebaggery was a guy who really just wanted to bring the bad guys to justice. Well “Suits” just did it again with Sean Cahill. It turned out that it was Eric Woodall all along pulling the strings, with Cahill along for the ride only because he truly believed Pearson Specter was guilty of something. The second he realized that Woodall was in bed with Fortsman, and that the only reason this investigation was going forward was his hatred of Harvey, Cahill turned on his boss and let Pearson Specter off the hook. Way to turn the bad guy into an upstanding citizen in one scene “Suits.” Kudos.

ANAMIKA: That’s definitely a recurring theme with “Suits.” When Pearson Specter is in a bind, you can be sure that for every illegal thing they do, there’s always someone on the other side that did something worse or more illegal. The Cahill/Woodall maneuver seemed pretty straightforward after last season’s Ava Hessington saga. Still, looks like the SEC isn’t coming back anytime soon. I like how the strong points of this plot focused on the Harvey, Louis and Jessica. I’m much more interested in their character development than the details of an SEC investigation.

Just a sidebar – anyone else remember that Woodall played an undiagnosed patient on “House” that took hostages in the emergency room at Princeton-Plainsboro? Anyone?


JOSH: This relationship was bound to come up in court eventually. It did look really bad that Jessica hired her boyfriend at the SEC just as her firm was about to be investigated by them. But otherwise, everything seems pretty steady in this relationship. You know, Jessica casually lying to him while Jeff tells her what an awful girlfriend she is. Yeah yeah I know, it’s for the good of the firm. But this relationship is starting to get stale. We’ll see if Jeff sticks around or not next episode I guess.

ANAMIKA: Jessica is proof that some people are better off alone. Exploring her romantic interests was good for her character but it clearly isn’t working, at least not with this guy. NEXT!


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JOSH: It was refreshing to not have this drama be the main focus of the episode for once. In fact, it seems these two are on the right track to getting back to normal. Of course Mike had to throw his little hissy fit though. At this point, Rachel is totally right: she can’t do anything to change what happened, but there are only so many different ways she can apologize to Mike. Now it’s officially time for him to start getting over it. Come on Mike, look at her. She’s clearly fully committed to you again and over her moment of weakness. As a certain ice queen would say, just let it go.

ANAMIKA: With that practice deposition disguised as an ambush, looks like Mike got the anger out of his system. But I think Rachel will cheat again. She and Logan have some complicated history and she DID kiss him at the end of the day. Mike has a complex history with Tess and Jenny (and is lying about being a lawyer) so as long as both of them agree to not repeat past mistakes, they can go back to their picture-perfect life.

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