Suits Roundtable, S4E10: “Wanna Make a Splash? Part the Red Sea”


By Josh Axelrod and Anamika Roy

There’s no such thing as a bad “Suits” episode, but Season 4’s midseason finale was nothing short of phenomenal. If USA were to submit this episode for Emmy consideration, every voter who knows good TV when he/she sees it would have to seriously rethink his/her USA prejudices. And Rick Hoffman…man, does he deserve some sort of recognition for his performance this season. Those last two scenes with Donna and Jessica? Chills. Anyway, let’s dive right in:


JOSH: Holy crap. Right when it looked like Louis was down for the count, he was handed the golden ticket to Pearson Specter Litt. It turned out the entire episode was one giant exercise in misdirection. The show wanted us to think the conflict would have to be resolved through an outside channel, like Robert Zane or even Sheila. But as usual, the real issue was Mike’s fraud status. And once Louis made the connection, he stormed into Pearson Specter and is theoretically about to blackmail his way into a name partnership.

To be fair, Louis totally deserves to be a name partner. He was right: Harvey bringing in Mike was just as illegal as what he did. Yet Jessica protected Harvey and even put his name to the door, while she threw Louis to the wolves after his first offense. But who knew he was capable of extortion to this extent? I guess betrayals from Donna (his supposed friend) and Jessica (who supposedly respected him) were enough to send him over the edge. And the way he screamed at both of them? Seriously Emmys, Rick Hoffman. Pay attention.

ANAMIKA: Pearson….Specter…..LITT

Can the Emmys do write-in nominations? If so, sign up Rick Hoffman please. Louis gave me multiple heart attacks in the span of 5 minutes during that finale. When he yelled at Donna, my heart was beating so fast, I thought I was watching “Breaking Bad.”

I must say, I would’ve loved to see Louis face off against the firm he loved so much – reminiscent of watching Alicia Florrick up against Lockhart Gardner on “The Good Wife.” Litt  But making Louis name partner is the fair thing to do. Harvey broke the law by hiring Mike, but he didn’t feel any shame. Jessica has yet to commit any felonies but her obvious partiality to Harvey proves that no one loves that firm or respects it more than Louis. Put that man’s name on the door.


Photo Courtesy of Suits USA Fans

JOSH: For a genius, Mike is kind of dumb. Shouldn’t he have learned everything there is to know about Harvard if he wanted to continue this charade? He could’ve just found an article about the Sign of the Coif and remembered it forever. But it looks like that key might either be his undoing or just serve Louis’s rise to name partner. Either way, Mike’s desperate pleas to Robert Zane to give Louis a chance and Louis’s reaction to discovering Mike’s secret are proof that no good deed goes unpunished.

On a separate note, the bromance is officially back! Harvey admitting to Walter Gillis that Mike is a better man than he’ll ever be (more or less) was a genuinely touching moment. That scene in the restaurant with the prostate conversation was hilarious. No more Mike and Harvey rifts please. They’re the best TV bromance since Turk and J.D. on “Scrubs.” They aren’t allowed to break up again.

ANAMIKA: After all Mike went through to cover his tracks, it all came down to a key. In case you’re reading this Mike Ross, or anyone else who wants to be a fake lawyer, here’s some info about the Order of the Coif . The Order of the Coif is an honor society at many law schools. But, fun fact, TV is not real life and the real Harvard Law doesn’t have a chapter.

I guess I can let this obvious factual inaccuracy slide. On the bright side, now Louis is an accomplice so Mike’s secret is safer than ever.

Back to the bromance, Harvey defending Mike in front of Walter Gillis put to bed any underlying animosity the two may have had from Mike’s investment banker days. Glad that horrible phase is behind us.


JOSH: When Sheila turned Louis down, all I could think was, “Ugh, what will it take for Louis to have some good luck for once?” Well, it turned out the key to that was…a key. I’ll be here all week folks.

ANAMIKA: First off, Rachael Harris (Sheila Sazs) followed me on Twitter after the finale *happy dance* Second, I think Sheila had already decided she wasn’t going to get back together with Louis before he even walked moved back to Boston. Kids are a big deal, it’s not just something you compromise on. The closing of this plot makes room for the inevitable Donna-Louis pair I’ve been envisioning!

Robert Zane

JOSH: Louis, again, is totally right about Robert. He’s exactly the same as Jessica in the sense that he’s a hardass who clearly doesn’t believe in automatic second chances. I respect that, but he put poor Louis through the ringer and forced him to butt heads with Harvey and Mike. He’s a compelling character, but can’t there be one nice lawyer in New York City? Just one? Mike: Good luck when you really do ask him for his permission to marry his daughter.

ANAMIKA: Robert Zane was enjoying every second of the Harvey-Mike-Louis meltdown. I bet he guessed that Louis would never end up working at his firm. He just likes playing chess, corporate law chess. I wonder if he’ll find a way to come and collect for his “favors” eventually. I don’t expect “nice” lawyers on this show. If you’re nice, you’re not good enough to play along in NYC’s cutthroat legal market. I still like Zane because he’s a strategic but he’s not malicious. Still can’t imagine what it must be like to have him as a father-in-law. Good luck with that when you’re ready, Mike.


Photo courtesy of Crazy Octopus

JOSH: That scene 😦 Louis’s anger was totally justified, but he’s always quick to assume that a person’s actions are direct slights against him. He made that mistake with Jeff Malone earlier this season, and he’s doing it again with Donna. The two had spent all season bonding — hell, Donna even helped him conquer his stagefright. To see him yell at her like that, and to watch her usually cool facade crumble, was heartbreaking. Hopefully Louis the name partner can forgive her. Because this was a cute relationship that deserves to be rebuilt.

ANAMIKA: Donna was really stuck in the middle of this battle. Besides her friendship with Louis, Donna knows what it’s like to be fired/forced to leave Pearson Spector (or Pearson Hardman in her case). Even so, Louis’ anger toward her for covering for Mike all this time was completely justified. For Louis, it was a harsh reminder that despite their friendship, Donna will always be loyal to Harvey first. When Louis yells at Donna, I think his anger was more about that realization than Mike’s secret. As I said before, still rooting for Littonna (will take suggestions for couple names).


JOSH: Again, that scene!!! Louis called out Jessica on all her secrets, and even got her to admit she’s a liar and a hypocrite. To Jessica’s credit, she took it in stride and wasn’t willing to let Louis see her squirm. But you can tell that putting Louis’s name on the door is going to torture her. Any goodwill the two had toward each other will officially be gone. In fact, it’s possible that the second half of the season will be a return to Season 1 dynamics when it comes to Louis Litt. As in, everyone either hating him or treating him like a joke.

Except for Mike, who is probably going to have do everything in his power to keep Louis happy. It’s not like he can go to the police and say, “This man got his name on the door through blackmail! Because I’ve been practicing law without a degree for years. You know, like a crime.” Again: Good luck Mike.

ANAMIKA: I was watching some random Suits episodes from past seasons this week, wow has Jessica gotten more ruthless this season! She’s straight-up terrifying. Her treatment of Louis has been unfair at best. The fact that she barely flinched when Louis came into her office…despite that look on his face…that woman has balls. Unfortunately, this still doesn’t leave Louis with the respect he wants from the firm. This was hardly a teachable moment for Jessica.

Also, her vendetta against Mike is getting old. She needs him. There’s no need for her to pretend that she has morals.


JOSH: What the hell was she doing all episode while Louis was reeling and her firm was on the verge of losing a client? Rachel’s been useless this season. Worse than useless, she’s actively hurt her firm on multiple occasions. Maybe she should just be a law student full-time and stop letting her love life interfere with Pearson Specter (Litt) business.

ANAMIKA: After the season Rachel had, even though it was horrible for her overall, only seeing her drink wine in that one scene was surprising and underwhelming. She should’ve been the one that approached Robert Zane to get Louis a job. There’s a difference between wanting to make it on your own and not helping someone when you have such phenomenal connections. Mike approaching his (possible) future father-in-law seemed a bit brash. That could’ve made for a nice, and maybe even powerful, father-daughter scene.

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