INTERVIEW: Bang Data, music heard on BREAKING BAD


By David Oliver


The cartel? Poisoned. Gus? Triumphant (for now).

But more importantly: what was that song playing in the background?

Meet Juan Caipo of Bang Data, the group behind “Bring the Girls.” Check out our quick Q&A here:


Bang Data (l-r): Juan Caipo and Deuce Eclipse, photo by Leo Docuyanan

How did your music appearing on TV come about?: Just through mutual friends in the music world. I handed over the album “La Sopa” to this guy that I know who’s in that whole world of music supervision and placement. It was actually perfect timing and I’m sure there’s some luck involved. We were just trying to get some feelers out there and see how people would react to it. A few days later I get a call from the guy saying…they want your music for “Breaking Bad” for a specific scene. We knew about the show but hadn’t been following it. It was around the time It had a huge underground following, it was getting really popular…We thought we had missed it and then at the end [of the episode] there’s this scene that happens, they’re all around the pool making a toast and they pretty much played the song from beginning to end. We were pretty much caught off guard. We didn’t know what to expect, you know?

It’s such an iconic scene of the show. Did you watch the show after that?: For sure. That night. I started looking, everything I could find on Netflix. I think I caught up to that scene in probably like six days just staying up until 4 in the morning just watching. It’s something really cool. It’s something you carry with you forever. It’s such an important show. Really good acting, story – for us it’s definitely a special thing and at the same time it opened doors for us and introduced our music to fans. People are hearing us in Europe and Latin America now. People are just getting to that scene. It was an awesome series and we’re grateful, happy to be part of it. 

Favorite TV character?: I have to say it depends what day. It could be Jesse [Pinkman] or Walter White, either one.

How do you think music contributes to TV?: For “Breaking Bad” they really crafted it…from the composition specifically made for the scenes and part of the score to the song selection. “The Sopranos” would do that a lot I remember, “Six Feet Under” – sky’s the limit, there’s tons of shows. For instance when you see “Breaking Bad” they put so much time there. Just because they’re Latin gangsters…they actually went and really researched and they were playing a certain type of regional Mexican music that fit that scene stylistically.

Would you like to see your music on TV again? What show?: We always have that in the back of our minds, maybe “The Walking Dead.” It doesn’t have to be a TV drama. We’re definitely open to everything.

Bang Data is releasing an album in September. You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram: @BangData.

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