PRETTY LITTLE LIARS, S5E12: ‘It’s all your fault’


By David Oliver

OK, I know I’ve complained a lot about “Pretty Little Liars,” but this episode proved to me why this show is still worth watching after all.

While it didn’t go bold enough to kill off one of the original liars, they killed off a CRUCIAL character (to find out, follow the jump).



Mona (Janel Parrish), “Pretty Little Liars,” photo courtesy

Yes, the nerd-turned-popular-turned-A-turned-normal-turned-crazy-turned-friend was murdered by…someone. The biggest question on everyone’s minds: Was it Alison?

Anyway, let’s take a step back and go over the #FatalFinale.


“It’s all your fault.” Gulp. “A” texts this to three of our liars outside of a crime scene, where Spencer is conspicuously missing.

Flash back 36 hours: Ali is taking the lie detector test. I find it strange Tanner wasn’t in this episode at all, just the other cop. What was the point of all her questioning for her to not be involved with the most important aspects of the case? Could she be part of the “A” team too?!

Meanwhile, Mona is listening to French music in her room (of course) when the four liars show up to tell her about Alison’s talking to the police. They all fear the worst about what she’ll say – and how anything she says could be perceived as truth, considering she’s a sociopath. “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth can get its pants on,” Spencer says, quoting Winston Churchill, because obviously.


Mona apologizes to the girls (for the first time? At least it seems like it), and later finds out that Alison got to Mona’s team and told them all she was crazy, according to Lucas.

“If you believe a lie it becomes the truth,” Mona says.

Then, Mona hypothesizes why Ali picked our four liars as her best friends, an interesting look at the show’s lore. Spenecer is smart; Emily is loyal; Hanna is admiring; Aria is compassionate. AKA, Ali is legitimately a sociopath.

Lucas and Mona (somehow) hack into Ali’s lie detector recording. Ali says she pushed Spencer to a dark place, causing her pill addiction.

Mona tells the girls she thinks Alison is “A” but to keep it underwraps – though she tells Caleb, because she knows Hanna would. Aww, Mona and Hanna really do know each other.

mona hanna

Mona (Janel Parrish) and Hanna (Ashley Benson), “Pretty Little Liars,” GIF courtesy


Spencer and Mona team up and go into Radley – this time not as patients – to find information on Bethany Young, while Aria goes to volunteer and serves as a distraction for them to access files. The cops show up and demand answers from Aria about Spencer, but not before Spencer and Mona discover Mrs. DiLaurentis was having an affiar with Bethany’s father! Damn, girl gets around.

Ali shows up at Em’s trying to make peace but quickly figures out Em has other intentions and gets into a car with Cindy and Mindy – this twin vibe on the show keeps getting weirder. Paige lets the girls know Ali is building an army.

Toby then gets into a car accident (!) but only breaks his leg. Nice red herring, #PLL writers. Spencer later gets arrested at The Brew for Bethany’s murder, explaining her crime scene absence. Mona tells Aria, “Ali lured Bethany to rosewood…she was jealous and wanted Bethany dead.” Gulp.


And just as Mona’s figured it all out, someone in a black hoodie and blonde her allegedly attacks her. Police don’t find a body but determine the wounds were fatal based on the amount of blood lost. Alison stands far from the crime scene and smirks (*chills*).

The end teaser was eerie – a Mona doll in place of a Jesus doll? And then the Jesus doll with MONA’S BODY IN A TRUNK? EYES OPEN? This show has me hooked again, officially. Well done.


– You can’t get accepted early to three Ivy Leage colleges. That’s impossible. As smart as Mona is, Yale, Harvard and Dartmouth don’t work like that.

– Paige and Emily are sort of back together? I’m losing the chemistry between these two.

– Ezra was going to meet Aria’s extended family? I wonder if a series finale marriage proposal could be coming within a few seasons. These two have grown on me and come a long way.

– Spencer buys Toby an inscribed watch: “You are my once upon a time.” Precious.

– Theory: Could the person who killed Mona be Ali’s TWIN?! Just saying.

**Be sure to check out a review of the #PLL Christmas Special when it airs!

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