By Anamika Roy and David Oliver

WHEW. Have you caught your breath yet? Because, well, um, help. “The Good Wife” might have just topped season five and we literally just started season six. No time for more intro, let’s discuss.



DAVID: POOR CARY. Oh my goodness. The writers have been beefing up his role each season, and it looks like Matt Czuchry might finally get himself an Emmy nomination for his underrated work on the series. For a show so previously restrained, it’s like Will’s death set a catalyst for a no-holes-barred treatment of its characters both mentally and physically. Cary almost got his finger cut off. Who threatens something like that? Apparently, “The Good Wife” does, and it brilliantly made us see Cary in a whole new shade of vulnerability.

ANAMIKA: I was reading a recap on Entertainment Weekly earlier, and it said something along the lines of, Cary is handling prison better than the audience. He was so incredibly calm through the whole thing, it makes you wonder if he’s really innocent! Also, I don’t think his finger was actually cut off, it looked like a deep cut on his hand as a warning.  I’m glad the writers are making good use of Cary. It only took them, you know, five years. Finally, though I feel really guilty, it was nice to see Cary shirtless *wink*


DAVID: Diane, you driven, driven powerhouse. It’s as if Will’s spirit is guiding her to be more cunning and focused as ever. She’s not playing by any rules, and joining Florrick Agos is exactly what she needs to re-jigger her life after losing Will. I hope we get to see more of her husband this season, his presence always seems to make her lighter.

ANAMIKA: This is what I love about Diane, she is the perfect balance of business and humanity. While Cary’s arrest complicates her plans to join Florrick Agos, she steps up to be his lawyer. Also, I love how she’s got Louis Canning and David Lee guessing about her true intentions. I’m glad the show isn’t trying to fill Will’s void within Lockhart Gardner. Starting in a new firm is the perfect transition for Diane.



DAVID: You would think we would’ve discussed her first, but honestly this episode was way more about Cary – something only a show like this can do. The writers know the characters so well, it’s like every character’s backstory is weaved in meticulously. This makes Alicia’s potential run for state’s attorney that much more intriguing: starting off as the titular “good wife,” now potentially needing a “good husband” by her side? It makes you wonder how this show could ever (dare I say it) come to an end and getting back to its roots. Side note: can Alicia and Finn be a thing already? The sexual tension is astounding.

ANAMIKA: I agree, you know the writers are confident about their show when a season premiere doesn’t revolve around the title character. After the premiere, I’m very torn about Alicia running for state’s attorney. If the show is really going to end in another season, it would be the perfect full-circle ending. Honestly, I would even love to see Alicia surpass Peter in politics and run for president! At the same time, I love seeing her as a name-partner, running her own firm. I see it as a parallel to Diane’s attempts to get into elected office. Both times she was offered a judgeship, it fell through, suggesting that she was always meant to be a powerhouse lawyer.


DAVID: Peter is totally screwing the intern, right? There’s no way he isn’t. I also really like Eli being manipulative again – it feels like they’re giving him more to do this season already and I very much enjoy it.

ANAMIKA: God, I really hope he is. I’ve never really liked Peter. I think its my residual dislike for Mr. Big on “Sex and the City,” sorry Chris Noth. Eli was in full form this week but his daughter was the star. Can someone make her a series regular please? Her one-liners will be the comic relief the show is going to need this season.


DAVID: For a character who rarely lets her guard down or let anyone push her around, she seems a little out of her element when it comes to Lemond Bishop’s men. Maybe Sophia can stick around some more? I wonder how long Cary’s jail time is going to last – hopefully long enough for a juicy love triangle.

ANAMIKA: I was surprised at how quickly she backed down when Bishop intimidated her. But I guess that’s supposed to show how dangerous he is. Kalinda is brave but she’s not stupid. I could do without a Sophia love triangle but I definitely see one with Robyn, especially based on how willingly she put up her own money for his bail.

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