THE GOOD WIFE ROUNDTABLE: S6E2, Florrick, Agos and Lockhart


By Anamika Roy and David Oliver

This episode was not quite as eventful as the premiere but calmed our nerves after last week’s heart attack. Thank you for your for caring about our blood pressure, writers. But the journey wasn’t easy. Let’s check in with our characters.


Cary Agos (Matt Czuchry), Diane Lockhart (Christine Baranski) and Kalinda Sharma (Archie Panjabi), "The Good Wife," photo courtesy

Cary Agos (Matt Czuchry), Diane Lockhart (Christine Baranski) and Kalinda Sharma (Archie Panjabi), “The Good Wife,” photo courtesy


ANAMIKA: The episode opened with a heart-wrenching reminder that Cary is behind bars and his chances of getting out are getting slimmer by the minute. Cary gives Alicia trial strategy to deal with a client’s wife. Chumhum, one of the firm’s biggest clients, to be exact. The strategy works and FA is able to keep Chumhum and win the tech company’s class action suit. But that’s the least of Cary’s problems.

Lemond Bishop’s henchman had given the FA the $1.3 million it needed for Cary’s bail but ASA Finn Polmar put a wrench into that plan. To make matters worse for Cary, the firm voted to accept Diane as the third name partner, a move he didn’t like. I’m surprised but glad Cary stuck to his guns and voted ‘nay’ – via telephone from prison. It will make for an interesting dynamic between the partners in coming weeks. Also, remember back in season one when Diane and Cary were on the same team? Oh how times have changed.

Final point on Cary, that last scene with Alicia was adorable. “This is the first time we’ve done this,” I can’t wait to see where this partnership goes!

DAVID: I loved the Chumhum subplot – anything that revolves around emojis is an A+ in my book. I am really curious to see where Diane and Cary’s relationship goes from here. If Alicia runs for State’s Attorney (but she “won’t,” k) and wins, Diane and Cary will basically be forced to work even closter together.

Ah, is it weird I teared up when Alicia and Cary hugged? Because, no shame, I absolutely did. These two are way better friends than enemies. Part of why this show is so great – it can play around with dynamics so well and fluidly.


ANAMIKA: Diane is fiercely defending Cary while planning an exit from her firm. Nothing much to say here, but her exit at the end of the episode was momentous. From the close-up of her starting at her watch as it struck 5 p.m. to her walking to the elevator. That elevator has been a metaphor for change or a dramatic shift in the plot for the past five years. I wonder how Diane will do in a start-up after being in an established firm for so long.

DAVID: That elevator scene was magnificent. I love everything Christine Baranski does. That final “goodbye” was chill-worthy. I want a scene with her and that homeless guy.


ANAMIKA: It’s very rare to see Peter and Alicia together on this show even though they’re the central characters, so the three minutes the two got this week was intense down to the second. Peter is over guilt he may have felt about his marriage as evidenced by his retort “That’s funny, because the woman I married wouldn’t have asked,” after he refuses to co-sign mortgage papers that would pay for Cary’s bail. I’m a little confused as to where he stands on Alicia running for state’s attorney.

DAVID: I think he sees both sides. It’s easy access to another strong political figure on the state, yet also it’s his estranged wife, so maybe not so easy. I feel like a final moment of the series could be Alicia speaking at a podium with Peter beside her, the opposite of how the pilot started. Just my two cents – a little poetic justice. But I don’t really want to think about this show ending, ever.


ANAMIKA: Wow, I guess we saw this in the earlier seasons but wow, Eli can be slimy! He’s not going to rest until Alicia announces her candidacy. I believe he had nothing to do with that real estate agent offering Alicia the bail money, but he definitely has more tricks up his sleeve.

DAVID: I feel like Lemond Bishop is somehow going to screw up Alicia’s run. I don’t know how, but his continued presence on the show has me wary. Also, if Alicia does run, will her affair with Will come out? You can’t libel the dead, so the press would have a field day.



ANAMIKA: People won’t stop hounding Alicia about running for state’s attorney! Gives you a taste of what Hillary Clinton must go through (except not really because Hil’ clearly has every intention of running, obviously). I was on the fence about it before, but I really don’t want Alicia to run. I know she will, but still. I’m too excited about this new firm to see it change again.

Alicia was right to not take the bail money from that mysterious real estate guy. But I thought the Chumhum advance money seemed too easy of a solution. Isn’t that something an office full of legal minds should’ve come up with much sooner?

Also, this doesn’t have to do with a specific character but FA seems like it’s falling apart construction-wise more so now that it did last season. The “work in progress” comments would’ve been better suited last year, I think.

DAVID: Agreed, why are they doing so much work now on the building? It seemed rough around the edges but put together. I guess making room for more people? For whatever reason, I hope it settles down a bit soon.

I’m so stuck if I want Alicia to run or not. I just really like her dynamic with Cary and seeing them on opposing sides again wouldn’t be as fun. I can’t help but think back to the end of season two though, before Alicia finds out about Peter and Kalinda, when she’s on some talk show smiling and lighting up the room – she definitely has the public presence for politics despite her “frigidity” at the start of the series. I’ll be content either way.

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