GREY’S ANATOMY RECAP, S11E2: How do you solve a problem like Meredith?


By David Oliver

Poor Maggie is all I have to say about this episode. Well, not all I have to say, but that hontesly encompasses it all. For a girl who loves puzzles and can solve almost them all, there’s one by episode’s end she couldn’t – and arguably the most important piece. Read on for this week’s recap.

Jo Wilson (Camilla Luddington) and Maggie Pierce (Kelly McCreary), "Grey's Anatomy," photo courtesy

Jo Wilson (Camilla Luddington) and Maggie Pierce (Kelly McCreary), “Grey’s Anatomy,” photo courtesy

“Once I pick a puzzle up I can’t put it down till it’s solved,” Maggie’s voiceover says as we see her work her surgical skills.

Jo is Maggie’s resident but Maggie has trouble remembering her last name. The two have a patient who is dying of cancer and in pain but her daughter won’t let her sign a DNR. Maggie scolds Jo for trying to convince the patient’s daughter. Maggie’s scolding is what she calls “bringing the thunder” so people don’t think she’s just young and pretty.

Jo lets slip Alex is taking Cristina’s seat on the board to Maggie, who starts making conversation about it in front of Alex and his current boss when she’s asked for a consult in the OR. Too bad Alex hasn’t told his boss yet – he gets fired on the spot! Poor Maggie, I say. Jo should’ve kept her mouth shut, so Maggie kicks her off her service (and rightfully so).

Maggie challenges Owen regarding the McNeil children from last season, wanting to use Bailey’s genome lab to help determine a cause for cardiomyopathy that Cristina might have missed. The board has canceled the genome lab, but Bailey and Maggie figure it out anyway (after Maggie calls the board idiots for getting rid of the groundbreaking project in the first place, in front of Avery – another strike) and are able to find the cause. I know all these cases are based on real ones, so if that’s happening in the real world, that’s amazing and I’m sure so many will benefit.

Maggie meets Zola and awkwardly congratulates Derek on his NIH gig (another strike), only to quickly run to eat lunch with Richard who is discussing Maggie with Amelia.

“I’m sorry is everyone in this room somehow related?” Maggie asks when she finds out Amelia is Derek’s sister. Oh girl, you don’t even know the half of it – this is “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Richard comforts Maggie when she asks about her mother. “Based on what I know about Ellis, leaving you would have been the most difficult decision of her life,” he says. “How well did you know her?” Maggie asks. This is going to be a slow burn, folks.

Meanwhile, Maggie and Arizona work on a pregnant patient whose life is at risk in addition to her unborn baby’s. These two work well together, despite Arizona and Callie fighting about her taking the fellowship (by episode’s end, Callie gives her blessing – though I see trouble ahead).

Maggie is whip-smart – she thinks to figure out a patient’s identity by tracing her mp3 player’s serial number. Said patient had an episode after “vigorous” sex with a man she met at the gym just an hour before. These two could actually join the cast and fit right in.

Maggie’s parents are apparently angels, though they don’t understand what it means to be a surgeon (the way Ellis Grey would). They have a man in a fish costume come sing Maggie’s praises at the hospital like a telegram and embarrass her in front of everyone. “I don’t feel like I can be myself,” Maggie says later on the phone to her parents. It’s so hard to be in a place you don’t know anyone, not to mention when you’re carrying a big secret like this one.

Amelia and Maggie bond over not getting laid, but the discussion evolves into family talk. Amelia tells Maggie that while she and Meredith didn’t click at first, her “sister” Meredith is “worth knowing” – clever way of sneaking in that you might know more than you should, Amelia.

Maggie ignores the patient’s daughter’s wishes from earlier and lets her patient die in front of Meredith. These two have similar ethics issues but ultimately care deeply about their patients. Maggie explains the situation as Meredith freaks out to Owen and is about to tell the patient’s daughter what Maggie did. Meredith ultimately has Maggie’s back, which prompts Maggie to finally tell Meredith the truth.

Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo), “Grey’s Anatomy,” GIF courtesy

“My mother was Ellis Grey.” GASP.

But Meredith doesn’t respond kindly. “What do you want…you’re wrong or you’re lying…stay away from me.”

You can solve some puzzles, Maggie, but when it comes to Meredith, the pieces don’t always line up correctly. Looking forward to these two ultimately connecting, but if it’s anything like when Lexie (R.I.P.) first appeared, it could be awhile before the sisterly love shows.

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