“RED BAND SOCIETY” RECAP: S1E3, Liar, Liar Pants on Fire



On this week’s “Red Band Society”…..nothing happened. Well, okay, stuff happened I guess, but seriously, this week was a bit of a snooze.


The episode opened with Kara making a drug deal with the help of a sketchy doctor in a dark utility
closet. Of course, Nurse Jackson is never one to let Kara’s schemes go undetected, and busts her drug-addicted butt immediately. As punishment, Kara is forced to play in the even-smaller-children’s wing, but the plan ends up backfiring when Kara attempts to steal the children’s medicine. As a side note, Kara’s treatment is really very baffling. Would it not have been more reasonable to send her to a rehab facility for drug abusers? Why are they attempting to detox her in the children’s wing of a hospital? She needs serious help and having her go through withdrawal in a hospital that clearly has greater priorities is hardly realistic. Then again, has this show ever been realistic? If Leo’s going through chemotherapy why does he still have the eyebrows of a young Brooke Shields?

Meanwhile, the previously-hinted-at love triangle between Leo, Jordi and Emma is in full swing. We
see Emma and Leo meeting for the first time in a flashback that involves weird hats and some ‘banter’ that would never come out of the mouths of real teenagers. We learn about their dramatic break-up (she was more into it than he was and thought that he didn’t think she was good enough for him). And we eventually see the blossoming romance between Emma and Jordi, much to Leo’s dismay. Despite the fact that Leo and Jordi seem to have become the best of friends, Leo decides he’s going to fight to win back Emma. His genius plan? Help her make Rice Krispie treats for Jordi. Real romantic.

Speaking of Jordi, Dr. McAndrew (who we learn is actually named Adam) breaks the news that he is
actually suffering from Ewing’s sarcoma and will need a family member to sign off on chemotherapy.
Jordi says he’s never met his father and his mother is dead, making the process a bit difficult.

Enter Dr. McAndrew’s one night stand from last night….

In the biggest twist yet, Dr. McAndrew’s one night stand shows up at the hospital and reveals she’s actually there to see her son, Jordi. She’s been told he has an injured leg and wants to get him out
of the hospital as quickly as possible. In a well-done, poignant scene, McAndrew reveals the truth of
Jordi’s diagnosis to his shocked mother.

Despite the fact that someone’s finally around to let Jordi continue with his medical treatment, he wants nothing to do with his mother, who is revealed to have been a bit of an absentee parent. They make a deal – they’ll play a game of cards. If Jordi wins, his mom has to leave him alone. If she wins, she gets to stay and be his mother. In the decisive game, Jordi secretly lets his mom win, meaning she gets to stick around (and make Dr. McAndrew’s time at work totally uncomfortable!)

Emma and Leo decide they’re better as friends and make up after a really awkward scene where Leo
attempts to kiss her by leaning down and staring at her face. It was so uncomfortable I had to
look away.

Here’s your “Red Band Society” fun fact of the week: it’s actually filmed in an Atlanta art museum, which finally explains why the hospital looks like a Pottery Barn catalog. Tune in next week to see the gang go to a school dance for a school none of them actually attend!

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