THE GOOD WIFE, S6E3 RECAP: ‘If I ran, what’s the plan?’



Oh. my. GOD. Well, let’s be more careful throwing around potential religious phrases this week, because “The Good Wife” held a Christian arbitration trial that wasn’t as rinky-dinky as it sounds. The episode also delivered a few important fates for some of our characters, including one HUGE game-changing possibility for our favorite good wife. Let’s proceed.



DAVID: Poor, poor Cary. Will he ever catch a break? It seems like his new court supervisor is out to get him with all her questions and warnings regarding his bail cooperation. I really loved the quick cuts Cary, Alicia and Diane saw in their heads while speaking with the supervisor. Particularly Cary’s hot flashbacks to him and Kalinda “celebrating” Cary’s release. I’m so glad Cary is staying out of prison, for now at least, thanks to the supervisor after all. It’s so refreshing to see characters on TV good at their jobs on ethical grounds.

ANAMIKA: “They’re going to get me no matter what.” Seriously, Cary’s karma is out of balance. The cut the scenes with Kalinda were 1) HOT and 2) I wonder if the state’s attorney’s office knew that Kalinda was an investigator and saw it as a way to trap Cary. I knew she would never be dumb enough to openly intimidate one of the Bishop’s guys. Cary’s involvement in this week’s case was a much needed reminder that he is a good lawyer and a crucial member of the firm. The SA’s office is really hitting Florrick-Agos where it hurts.


DAVID: I loved the case this week – a trial held in a church was a unique way to discuss on a diplomatic level the difficulty in church vs. state and how the two actually intertwine. The clever pan to “In God We Trust” on the wall during Cary’s own trial couldn’t have been an accident. It was nice to see Grace helping her mom out with some of the Bible passages, and her line comparing the Bible to poetry – “It can still be true but not be accurate” – was incredibly poignant. #TeamGrace, words I never thought I would say.

ANAMIKA: First of all, seeing Robert Sean Leonard in this episode made me miss Josh Charles for the first time this season (not because I don’t want him back but because the show has done a good job of filling the gap his character left behind). I would’ve loved to see a “Dead Poet Society” reunion.

Back to arbitration, wow, that was fascination. To me, the best TV is the kind that makes you THINK. Litigating with religion? Can the law exist without religion and vice versa? I’m researching on this topic as soon as I’m done with this post! Throw in the fact that Alicia is an Atheist. I’ve always been interested in how this show incorporates religion. Especially Grace’s decision to take it upon herself to read the Bible and internalize its teachings. This episode showed religion as a positive outlet for Grace rather than a rebellious streak as we saw in earlier seasons.

Sidebar about the case: looks like it was ripped from the headlines about Monsanto.

TV Fanatic


DAVID: Alicia spent most of the episode telling everyone she wasn’t going to run for State’s Attorney. Someone leaked a fake story (Eli? Castro?) about her running and her on the defensive, that is, until, Gloria Steinem showed up at an event Peter is speaking at and encourages Alicia to run, prompting Alicia to see Gloria Steinem in her head throughout the remainder of the episode.

Only this show could bring in a real person and have her fit so easily into the rhythm of the rest of the characters. No gimmicks here.

But what really convinced Alicia to run (not even Eli telling her Peter would endorse Castro) was when Castro started pushing her buttons, from Cary to Peter to WILL – accusing her of blaming him for her “lover’s” death. Threatening to spill the beans? Does he have proof? It doesn’t matter to Alicia, because he crossed the line, and she promptly goes to Eli’s office and asks, “If I ran, what’s the plan?” Oooooh boy, looks like we’re just getting started, season six.

ANAMIKA: Excuse me, I’m still freaking out that Gloria Steinem was still in this episode. I don’t care what I’ve said against Alicia running for SA. If Gloria Steinem tells you to run, you run! And clearly, Alicia got the message. My only issue with that scene was that Alicia didn’t give the one reason that is legitimate: she just created her own firm! Doesn’t that count for something?

“Men always have something to say to me.” Even after all Alicia has been through since her husband’s scandal, that line was so well delivered by Julianna Margulies and a reminder to Castro that his antics don’t intimidate her. I hope it stays that way during the campaign.

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