By Josh Axelrod, David Oliver and Anamika Roy 

Well that was…risque. And hilarious. Apparently we’ve progressed enough as a society that we can have entire episodes of television devoted to anal sex. Or, if this episode is based on reality at all, Mindy Kaling is a freak and B.J. Novak was a very lucky man. Anyway, let’s discuss:

Photo courtesy of FOX


JOSH: I’m not surprised at all that Mindy is a sexual deviant. She can claim to be a prude all she wants, but she’s seen and done a lot during her dating escapades. But I never would’ve guessed Danny would have had it in him to even try something like that. He apparently hasn’t even admitted to God that he’s dating Mindy, and yet he’s willing to try to stick it in the other hole.

That said, all the material between Danny and Mindy this week was absolutely hilarious. Everything from that opening scene to Mindy trying to like blues more than Taylor Swift (yeah right) to that ending scene where she was literally trying to eat Danny was further proof that when this show is on, it rivals TV’s best sitcoms in terms of pure hilarity.

DAVID: I love how much this show is pushing the buttons of broadcast industry executives and audiences. This episode is another classic example of how this show defies boundaries. It broke my heart when Danny says at one point “we don’t need fireworks,” because I think Danny and Mindy are the most firework-heavy couple in comedy right now. Can I point you to this? If this doesn’t scream fireworks I’m not sure what else does.

ANAMIKA: “Mindy” is definitely establishing itself as one of the most progressive show on TV in terms of how it depicts gender roles and sex, starting with Diamond Dan’s strip tease in the season premiere. I disagree with Josh, I think Mindy’s sexual prowess has always been an act and that was more apparent than ever in this episode. Her freak out over the *uh* other hole was indicitave of someone who clearly sexually active but had a faux boundary she never intended on crossing. When Danny “slipped,” she had to ask: is this something everyone does and does not doing it makes you inexperienced or undesirable? I didn’t like that Danny equated it to fireworks, but they clearly found a new way to keep their relationship interesting in the end.


JOSH: Poor Morgan. The one time he does something worthwhile with his life, nobody seems to notice. Mindy then tries (and succeeds) to extort him for sedatives and he for some reason gets in the middle of the Peter and Jeremy feud. At least they all sort of acknowledged his nurse practitioner achievement by the end, but Jeremy and Peter spelled his name wrong on his scrubs. Morgan is a weird dude, but he was treated even worse than usual in this episode. Rude.

Side Note: He and Tamara appear to be in a relatively healthy relationship. That can’t last.

DAVID: Did I miss when he was in school to be a nurse practitioner? Because it’s actually a lot of work. Then again, we hardly see anyone practicing medicine on this series anymore anyway. I don’t like the way Mindy treated him this episode either.

ANAMIKA: Morgan could be such a great character but the writers are failing him this season. Actually, this is true for all of the minor characters. I would love to see what happens with him and Tamara.


JOSH: If nothing else, this storyline gave us Jeremy singing “Sound of Silence” while playing a banjo. Very “Arrested Development.” And it did give us this amazing visual:

Photo courtesy of FOX

But now that Jeremy has won emphatically, can we give these two something else to do now? Thanks.

DAVID: Yes, for the love of God, enough of this sub-plot. Practice medicine, dammit.

ANAMIKA: I really don’t care about Jeremy and this “feud” is ruining Peter – another great character. Also, the singed eyebrows bit is a joke we’ve seen many times (Ron Swanson and Schmidt come to mind first).

The Lack of Female Characters on This Show Besides Mindy 

JOSH: Seriously, it’s getting almost distracting now. If Mindy is smart, she should pay Jenny Slate whatever she wants to become a regular on this show. It would really take “The Mindy Project” to the next level.

DAVID: Bring back Anna Gunn and/or Anna Camp! ALL THE ANNAS. SOMEONE.

ANAMIKA: If “Mulaney” can’t get its act together in the next few weeks, Mindy should hire Nasim Pedrad.

Best One-Liner 

JOSH: “All I’ve wanted my whole life is to abandon all my friends for a boyfriend.” – Mindy, of course

DAVID: UGH Josh you took mine. But I guess I’ll go with, “If you go blind I’m gonna get so fat” – Mindy, referencing a plot that actually did happen on “Desperate Housewives”

ANAMIKA: “I don’t know Danny, my office only has one entrance and I don’t think that’s enough for you anymore.” – Do I even have to say?


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