GREY’S ANATOMY, S11E3 RECAP: Family matters


By David Oliver

Ehh, I’ll admit I was a little underwhelmed with “Grey’s Anatomy” this week. All the Maggie developments this week felt very forced, especially since it’s only been a week in the show’s time since she dropped her parentage bombshell. Follow the jump for all the drama.

Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) and Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo), “Grey’s Anatomy,” photo courtesy


Meredith talks to Alex, her replacement “person,” while he’s in the shower about Maggie, bitching away that she would know if her mother was pregnant. Alex is literally naked and clearly uncomfortable. Meredith says she’s seen it all before. “Your junk is spectacular. Jo is a very lucky girl. Can we get back to me now?” I mean, I know these two are close, but seeing your friends fully naked isn’t exactly kosher, especially when they’re of the sex you’re attracted to.

Jo is rightfully jealous of the two. Meredith and Alex stay home from work that day as Alex preps for his speech to the board and Mer needs help figuring out if Maggie is telling the truth – what does she want? “The only thing you inherit in this family is Alzeheimer’s,” Mer says – not disproving this crazed (and probably accurate) fan theory posed a week ago.

Alex helps Mer look up Maggie’s personnel files, which felt absolutely hypocritical considering his tattling on Mer in season seven regarding her messing with the clinical trial. Regardless, they discover Maggie’s birthdate and cross match it with Ellis’s ER visit in 1983 when she tried to kill herself. The kicker: Ellis didn’t even know she was pregnant. Meredith confronts Richard and is furious he didn’t come to her the second he found out. Richard wishes he could’ve been there for Maggie and decides to tell her, but more on that later.

Alex loses the board seat to Bailey after the two both present at episode’s end. Will Alex get his job back at the hospital? I assume so, but this will probably play out over a few episodes.


Owen asks Callie to work with him to help wounded warriors despite Callie having a lot on her plate. The two start fighting randomly, in what seems like an unnecessary plot development. It actually turns out to serve a larger purpose, with Jackson willing to help out and work with the pair on the project and being more than just a “hall monitor” of the hospital. Callie decides to put a chunk of her research money into the project, particularly after Owen expresses he “needs something to be good” as he’s still reeling from Cristina’s exit.

Meanwhile, Arizona is struggling to run her own service, maintain her marriage, own a hospital and get up to speed as a fellow, not to mention the idea of surrogacy. Even just one of these things is enough to make a person fall apart, so it’s only a matter of time before one of these issues comes to a head. Arizona insists she and Callie can’t do anything and everything – and she’s right.


Derek and Amelia struggle to work together as she’s technically the head of the department. He hijacks a patient, citing his experience and that he’s better than she is. This forces him to confront his feelings about Meredith forcing him to stay. He is furious to find out Meredith got drunk and played hooky with Alex and accuses her that’s the reason they’re staying in Seattle. This marriage hasn’t seen the last of its hurdles.

Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) and Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey), “Grey’s Anatomy,” photo courtesy


Richard finally tells Maggie that he’s her father, and she says the thought crossed her mind when he said he knew Ellis. Maggie is mad he waited a week to tell her and calls him a coward for not saying anything, making her think he didn’t want her and that he knew about her the whole time. Parenting is already a struggle, huh Richard?

Let’s hope some more worthy plot developments ensue.

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