PARENTHOOD, S6E3 RECAP: ‘If you were going to help, it would have already happened’


By David Oliver

“Parenthood” this week continued the final season’s major arcs in meandering, carefully written ways, and I still can’t help but feel a larger catastrophe is looming. All aboard the tear-jerker express.

The cast of “Parenthood,” photo courtesy


Zeek’s surgery is tomorrow and his four children and Amber go to see him and Camille before the big day. He accidentally reveals Amber’s pregnancy, but it saves her from telling everyone anyway. She shows him an ultrasound – even more motivation for him to make it through surgery.

While the episode revolves around him, Zeek doesn’t really have much to do this episode besides checking in and spending time with Camille, who keeps his wedding ring safe during surgery. She winks at him very sweetly at one point during the episode, a realistic, loving gesture that highlights how great this show’s little moments are (I know I point this out in every review of this show, but it’s because it’s true).

Camille breaks down a bit and is distraught throughout the episode. She talks with Julia about the “in sickness and in health” part of the vows being the hardest one, fitting considering Julia’s own crisis in her marriage (we’ll get to that later). It’s all good though – Zeek survives the surgery with flying colors and Camille puts his ring back on.

Zeek (Craig T. Nelson) and Camille (Bonnie Bedelia), “Parenthood,” photo courtesy


Amber goes to see Drew, which even she realizes she should’ve done first. I was shocked she didn’t tell him she was pregnant first, but she explains it’s because she was scared to tell her closest friend. I don’t really buy that but won’t get too hung up on it. She asks Drew to borrow the car so she can go tell Ryan in person and Drew decides to go with her.

The two get to Wyoming and discover Ryan is a pill addict, and despite his happiness and excitement over Amber’s pregnancy, after some prodding from Drew (“He’s like dad,” “You’re not gonna change him,” “If you were going to help it would have already happened”), Amber tells Ryan he has “a lot of work to do” if he wants to really be a father to his kid.


While Hank is working, Sarah takes Ruby on a mini-shopping trip and sees her stealing lip gloss, which Hank can’t believe. I love that Sarah can get Hank to really pay attention to her despite his issues – these two work together more than I thought they would, which makes Hank’s ex Sandy’s instructions even more awful. Ruby has apparently stolen before and the girl needs a father – meaning Sandy doesn’t even want Sarah around Ruby so Hank can’t get distracted from parenting her. Because this is all going to go over well.


Julia’s boyfriend, Chris, is a college friend from Stanford who remembers Zeek bringing her a finals care package during school. He then sends her a waiting room care package for when Zeek is in surgery. It’s super cute, and would be more cute if Joel wouldn’t stop visiting Zeek and calling and checking in on Julia, so she finally tells him she’s seeing someone.


Jasmine comforts Crosby as he can’t handle Adam’s negativity regarding his dad. Adam has a point though: he has a lot of experience with hospitals since Kristina’s illness. He knows the doctor takes you into a private room to tell you bad news, where Adam takes Crosby when there’s an issue with Oliver Rome walking out at an event. Adam wants to handle it, but Crosby rushes to solve the problem. He ends up falling off his motorcycle, obviously distracted by everything going on with his dad. He heads back to the hospital limping. Is it just me (and my mother who I discussed this with), but is Zeek’s illness a red herring for there being something wrong with Crosby? Perhaps the accident and him getting checked out will reveal a major health problem? That would be a lot considering what happened to Kristina not so long ago, but these things do happen and without rhyme or reason. I haven’t accepted this show has less than a season left and I’m going to go cry about that fact probably, so, bye.

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