SCANDAL, S4E3 ROUNDTABLE: Inside the bubble


By Anamika Roy, Josh Axelrod and David Oliver 

This episode was uneventful overall. The case was moderately interesting but predictable. Without a doubt, the star of this episode was Mellie, but we’re biased here anyways. Let’s see where the gladiators took us this week.

The cast of “Scandal,” photo courtesy


ANAMIKA: I have never said that the “Scandal” cast is worthy an Emmy nod, but this season, I think Bellamy Young should be a top contender. The bride thing flashing across the TV was clearly a ripped-from-the-headlines story, but Mellie’s investment in it was like a metaphor to her relationship with Fitz. Within the  marriage, Fitz has painted her as the ice queen who will go to any lengths to get what she wants. However, as in the case, the bride didn’t do anything. Her husband slipped on his own.

Back to Mellie’s investment in the story, the scene with her big meeting was so tragic. Even Fitz’s lip-quivering seemed like the appropriate reaction – one of the only times on the show where I have said that.

JOSH: When I first started watching “Scandal,” I was told I’d eventually side with Mellie. At first, I didn’t see how that was possible. She was standing in the way of Fitz and Oliva’s happiness, after all! Four seasons and a lot of new information later, Mellie is by far the most interesting character on this show and, like Anamika said, should be earning Bellamy Young an Emmy nod.

She’s clearly gone off the deep end, and she needs to regain some purpose. Solving this killer bride case was supposed to do that, but her satisfaction was snatched out from under her by two witnesses who made clearing the bride’s name easy. She has to snap out of this stupor eventually, if not for Fitz, for the country.

DAVID: #TeamMellie always. She broke my heart this week, putting so much effort into that case. I loved that concept, because that’s a viral video that we all would have watched over and over again, even though it was tragic. Mellie sympathized with the public and wanted to do something about it in a way that was too late for her to do anything for her son. From the looks of next week’s episode, it looks like the focus will shift to her daughter, perhaps dragging Mellie out of her misery.


ANAMIKA: Like clockwork, Fitz is drinking and throwing a tantrum again. Did I mention this guy is the worst president ever? Also, I don’t get why Shonda bothered to make Fitz a Republican president. It just looks ridiculous watching him lobby for gun control. As a show centered around politics, it’s something “Scandal” could portray more accurately.

And he’s asking about Olivia again….oh boy.

JOSH: God, he really is the worst president ever. He has no idea that his Attorney General got his legislation passed through blackmail, his wife is going insane and his Chief of Staff is about to be embroiled in a prostitution scandal. And to top it all off, he’s asking about Olivia again. I would prefer President Swanson to him at this point.

DAVID: This is the first week I actually sort of tolerated Fitz? Don’t get mad at me. I liked that he was being honest about his feelings for Olivia and started to appreciate Abby/see Mellie isn’t getting much better. Still a terrible character, yes, but at least some progress on the emotional front.


ANAMIKA: Finally the president learned her name! That was starting to really get on my nerves. There was a horrifying second when Abby went into the Oval Office where I thought she was going to sleep with Fitz. Thank God that didn’t happen. I hope the White House will start taking her seriously. Also, I love that Abby has no qualms about calling out Olivia and her hypocrisy.

JOSH: I know I just gushed about Mellie, but Abby is still my favorite character. She’s less callous than Olivia but is still strong and speaks her mind at every turn. Putting her in the White House and giving her some real influence has only strengthened her character. But under no circumstances is she allowed to sleep with Fitz. EVER.

DAVID: Anamika, I had the same sinking feeling she was going to sleep with Fitz! However, the idea of it actually is sort of perfect. She and Olivia have been feuding so much that it would almost make sense for her to get back at her in the most devious of ways. I would like to think Abby is above that, but Fitz surely isn’t (i.e. Amanda Tanner). It would actually be a pretty steamy scene, wouldn’t it? And affect so many characters. In writing this response I have suddenly become OK with this happening.

I also love Abby in the White House, Josh. It was a good way to bring her into the D.C. political realm outside of B-613 – she might have been the last character not embroiled in some kind of political conspiracy plot.


ANAMIKA: Shockingly, I have very little to say about Olivia this week. She has become a very unlikable character this season. I’m glad to see her taking on weekly cases and staying away from Fitz (though clearly that won’t last).

JOSH: I wouldn’t call Olivia unlikable, only because she’s never been a very sympathetic character. But I do agree that she hasn’t done all that much this season outside of her casework. This was the most interesting case of the week yet, much more fun than the bickering couple from the last week. The fact that Katherine was a friend made the fact Olivia dumped the case even more abnormal. Other than that though, Olivia was not the most interesting part of this episode. That honor goes to…

DAVID: Can’t stand Olivia at all this season. I actually get bored when she’s on screen now. I hope that changes.

Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) and Mellie Grant (Bellamy Young), “Scandal,” GIF courtesy


ANAMIKA: Well, Jake didn’t “do that thing” this week and it seems he is ready to make things official (or not official) with Olivia. For the guy that had a brief stint as “Command,” Jake is really slow on the uptake with his investigation into Harrison’s death. Also, did he seriously think Papa Pope would give in that easily? I love you Jake, but don’t expect a free pass because you’re banging the man’s daughter.

JOSH: That scene between Rowan and Jake over dinner was intense as hell. I thought for a second Rowan was going to stab Jake after perfectly placing the knife between his fingers. It looks like the two are at a stalemate for now: Rowan won’t leave, and Jake won’t stop investigating Harrison’s death. Something’s going to give here. Either Jake is going to expose what Rowan did to Harrison, or Rowan is going to have Jake killed. This conflict has a lot of potential, especially with Olivia caught in the middle.

DAVID: Jake’s gonna die by the end of this season. Calling it now. If I’m wrong, whatever, but I’m pretty sure Scott Foley has other projects up his sleeve and I could see him biting the bullet.

Other Thoughts


  • “The next time you go missing, I’ll look for you” is the least romantic thing anyone has ever said to anyone ever. And yet, somehow Quinn took it as a sign her relationship with Huck is progressing. Barf.
  • Quinn is a super slut. Charlie barely had to do anything before they started making out like teenagers.
  • Poor Cyrus. I thought he would be able to hold out for longer than an episode, but then again Michael was pretty convincing and Cyrus was lonely. It looks like Portia de Rossi has Cyrus exactly where she wants him.


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