GRACEPOINT S1E2 RECAP: Compasses break



In this week’s episode of Gracepoint, the Solano family continues to grieve, and several developments come to light as Miller and Carver investigate Danny’s murder. The Solanos create a list of potential suspects, all of whom are their friends: teacher, babysitters, neighbors, etc. Ellie can’t believe that they are so distrusting, but Carver assures her that anyone is capable of murder given the right circumstances. Ellie argues that most people have moral compasses, but Carver insists that “compasses break.”


Here’s what we learn:

Chloe is into drugs.

When the CSIs search the Solano house, they find a small bag of cocaine hidden under a floorboard in Chloe’s room, and $500 in cash taped underneath Danny’s bed. Here we go. It is unclear whether or not the two are connected. Ellie confronts Chloe, who employs the classic “that isn’t mine!” defense. She doesn’t use or deal drugs, she says, but is just holding them for someone else: Gemma Fischer. This is only half true. Chloe was holding the coke for Gemma, but actually got it from her boyfriend, although no one knows this yet.

Detective Carver may also, in fact, be into drugs.

At one point Carver is talking to Ellie when his vision blurs and he becomes disoriented. He runs to the bathroom, where he shoots himself up in the leg with an unidentified syringe.

There’s a lot we still don’t know about Carver’s past.

Renee has arrived at the Gracepoint Journal, and Owen shows her around town. She tells him that Carver fumbled a Rosemont investigation into the disappearance of three girls and then basically disappeared. Later, we see a picture of a young girl in Carver’s wallet. Once of the girls who disappeared, Nina, Sydney or Megan? A daughter we have yet to learn about?

Beth has a little secret of her own.

Sitting around her house thinking about her child’s death seems to be making Beth a little crazy (understandably). She tears through her kitchen looking for potato chips, and runs off to the supermarket. While at the store, Beth endures awkward stares from her fellow Gracepoint residents, and breaks down at the sight of a kids’ cereal. In the parking lot, she is visibly distraught when Paul runs over to comfort her. She tells him that she is pregnant, and does not know what to do. It is revealed that they have known each other for some time, although the nature of their relationship is unclear. Later in the episode, Beth’s mother asks Paul to reach out to Beth, saying that he’s “always been so good with her.” Mark, on the other hand, does not want or appreciate Paul’s help. When Paul goes on TV and asks the town to pray for the Solanos, Mark storms off to the church, pins Paul up
against the door and says “Your god left my son for dead. Don’t forget that.”

Jack Reinhold may have discovered a new suspect.

The Gorton’s Fisherman tells the detectives that he saw Danny talking to a mysterious man wearing a bandana and a large camping backpack a few weeks back. Susan may have Danny’s skateboard.
Susan Wright keeps the keys to a small hut on Harvey Ridge that is owned by the town. The police believe Danny walked by the hut the night he died, and need to search it for evidence. When Carver goes to retrieve the keys from Susan, we see a skateboard tucked away in her closet, and it’s probably not for busting moves on the half-pipe.

Danny kept a journal on his computer.

The entries range from the mundane like “watched TV tonight” to the potentially damning, like “Dad’s really gonna kill me now.”

A phone worker claims Danny is speaking to him from the dead.

While working on the phone lines at the police station, a man approaches Carver and Miller claiming he has evidence about Danny’s murder. Danny was in a boat sometime right before/after he was killed. How does he know this? He’s a medium, obviously, and Danny is sending him messages. Carver doesn’t buy this for one millisecond, but then our Ghost Whisperer tells him, “She forgives you about the pendant,” and it seems to rattle Carver.

Mark Solano was not at work the night Danny died.

Surveillance footage shows Mark Solano waiting at the lookout down the hill from Harvey Ridge around 10:30. He appears to be waiting for someone, but we never find out who because an extremely ill-timed power outage hits at this exact moment. Carver confronts Mark about where he really was that night, and Mark reacts exactly like someone with something to hide. First he gets defensive, angry that the police are “snooping on him.” Then, without showing even a shred of regret or guilt for lying to the detective trying to catch his son’s killer (NBD), he provides Carver with as little detail as humanly possible about what he was doing that night. “Umm I met up with a friend but I don’t remember their name and we had some drinks and maybe a little food and I’m not sure where we went or how long we were there.” This was FIVE DAYS AGO. Carver is questioning Mark when Ellie calls to tell him their latest discovery:

Danny was murdered in the small hut on Harvey Ridge.

Bloody footprints that match Danny’s blood type are found on the porch of the shack. But besides that the hut has been scrubbed clean from top to bottom, with one exception:

Mark Solano’s fingerprints are found near the sink.



1. Mark is having an affair, and Danny knew about it.

2. Renee has her own agenda. “I’m just a reporter in town covering a murder slash stealing the dead kid’s stuffed animal and trying to befriend his sister?” OK.

3. We haven’t seen the last of Mark’s assistant Vince, who was absent form this episode. I have no evidence supporting this claim, but honestly I have NO IDEA where this show is going, so I’ve got to come up with something.

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