THE MINDY PROJECT, S3E5 ROUNDTABLE: ‘That’s how it’s done’


By Josh Axelrod, David Oliver and Anamika Roy 

“Mindy” has now become so risque that FOX has slapped it with a “Viewer Discretion Advised” warning before the episode. Not that this week’s episode veered into last week’s “I slipped” territory, but it certainly focused on some topics not usually discussed on network TV. And it even featured a Shonda Rhimes cameo!

The cast of “The Mindy Project,” photo courtesy


JOSH: I totally did not see that kiss coming until Jean leaned in and Mindy reacted in sheer terror. Mindy clearly didn’t see it coming either. But in typical Mindy fashion, she kept up the lie just long enough that when she finally told Jean the truth, it was destined to go badly. Of course, the fact Jean was married was another curveball that was tough to see coming. Luckily it all worked out in the end (thanks to Danny, shockingly), but Mindy really needs to start, you know, not lying to people all the time.

DAVID: That kiss was hilarious. I loved the morning after talk she had with her staff. This episode seemed to ground the show back in its medical office roots, which I particularly enjoyed. The “In other news I think I’m gay” confused-confession from Mindy to Danny wanting her to like it was appropriately playful.

ANAMIKA: Agreed, DID NOT see that coming. Except I thought Mindy would keep it a secret until the end, worried that Danny would be upset. But I liked the direction the episode took instead. I wish there was more of an explanation for why Jean kissed Mindy, especially she’s married.


JOSH: If Chris Messina’s performance in the Diamond Dan episode didn’t get the attention of Emmy voters, his faux drunken rant that saved both his and Jean’s relationship should. Not only was it hilarious, but it was even more proof that Danny and Mindy are meant to be. No one lies like THAT for their significant other unless they’re really in love.

It’s also worth noting that Danny actually called Mindy out on her serial lying by reminding her how badly it turned out when she lied to Cliff a few episodes ago. I think Danny has officially redeemed himself from those few episodes where he acted like a completely different character last season.

DAVID: I feel like Chris Messina could do a one-man Broadway show and just kill it. He is amazing. Also, his reference to the Catholic church hating masturbation more than suicide made me laugh out loud or “LOL,” as the people say.

ANAMIKA: I love the subtle jabs this show makes at the Catholic church. Last week there was the comment from Mindy about “getting promoted to cardinal” if you even think about anal sex as a Catholic. The drunken Danny scene was fantastic. “THAT’S how it’s done.”


JOSH: This was by far my favorite Peter/Jeremy storyline so far. Jeremy’s American frat voice was perfect, and the way he was able to bro out so easily with Peter’s “friends” was a good reminder that Jeremy was supposed to be basically the perfect guy when the show started. We also learned a lot about Peter, who apparently had made a habit of losing girlfriends to his friends (thus the incredibly sad nickname “Lefty”). At least Peter got his beer pong glory and a new nickname…though is Diarrhea really any better?

DAVID: Agreed, this was the best sub-plot “Mindy” has had in awhile. Side note, loved the line about the whole office sharing a work toothbrush and Beverly chiming in about it – she’s quite underutilized but her exchanges with Peter, Jeremy and Morgan this episode reminded me how much I like her on screen.

ANAMIKA: Looks like Mindy heard our complaints about the minor characters last week. I loved the subplot as much as the main story this week. Maybe Jeremy should play a frat bro with a fake American accent from now on, I could get on board with that. Also, he would pregame with Pinot Giorgio.

Shonda Rhimes 

JOSH: “Writing is how I pay the bills, but beer pong is my passion.” Great, now she owns network sitcoms too. Next thing you know she’ll be executive producing “Game of Thrones” and the entire show will just be Cersei drinking large goblets of red wine and philosophizing.

DAVID: Shonda can do no wrong. Ever. And Mindy Kaling is a genius for capitalizing on her popularity like this.

ANAMIKA: I was expecting to see more of Shonda Rhimes but it was still a great cameo. Seeing a bunch of frat guys freak out over “Scandal” was priceless. “Am I the mayor of Shondaland!?”

The most important side-by-side frame, Mindy Kaling and Shonda Rhimes, photo courtesy

Best One-Liner 

JOSH: “You’re flirting with your reflection again, cut it out.” – Danny, but can you really blame Mindy?

DAVID: “Danny, I hate facing consequences. That’s why I haven’t opened my mail in like two years.” – Mindy, which is actually terrible but awesome

ANAMIKA: “Jean has a case of Mindy fever and we all know there ain’t no cure for that!”

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