Bad Judge S1E3: One Brave Waitress


By Sarah Jezior 

This episode of “Bad Judge” was a little different from the previous two. No Gary, no Robby Shoemaker, and also no crazy Rebecca antics. Sure, Rebecca is Rebecca, and she spends the majority of this episode avoiding confrontation and ruling her courtroom with a combination of sarcasm and wry wit, but she has mellowed out significantly. She didn’t flip off a reporter or slam an axe into the tire of some guy who honked at her in traffic. I don’t think she even had a single drink! Are you okay, Rebecca? I’m concerned.

Photo courtesy of TV Equal

Photo courtesy of TV Equal

The episode starts with Billy, the hunky firefighter, showing Rebecca some new self-defense moves, followed by an invitation to The Fireman’s Ball. Luckily Rebecca now knows how to defend herself in uncomfortable situations, and she uses one of her new moves on Billy, knocking him out before she has to give him an answer.

In court, Rebecca is presiding over a sexual battery case. The defendant, Chad Forbes, owns a restaurant called BJ Knockers. Although the prosecution has a star witness with a roommate who kept a “very detailed diary,” Chad is paying her not to talk. Chad also has a super hot lawyer (Angelique Cabral) to help persuade all the men on the jury into voting her way.

On the first day of the trial, Chad’s lawyer gets all but one of the women in the jury dismissed, and the one left is able to remain under slightly questionable circumstances. When Rebecca asks her where she stands on the issue of a handsy boss, the female juror replies, “Let’s take him out,” and Rebecca rules that she “finds this juror to be fair and impartial.”

Rebecca can’t remember the court stenographer’s name, and Tedward won’t tell her. This is one more thing we can add to the growing list of situations Rebecca is avoiding. The other item on that list: Billy the firefighter. He’s texting, he’s calling, he’s showing up at the courthouse, and Rebecca is avoiding him like a ninja in high heels. The third item on this list of avoidance is the tragic death of her van, which was hit and caught on fire in the previous episode.

The next day in court, Rebecca asks the stenographer her name (it’s Judy, “the same first three letters as Judge”) which is progress for Rebecca, and we finally meet handsome, slimy, Chad Forbes.

The prosecution calls his first witness, Hannah Jam (a “Knockers Girl” and the roommate of the girl with the diary). The defense brings up Hannah’s signed consent form, stating that Hannah knew she would be in a sexually charged environment. In response, Rebecca reminds everyone that this consent form has nothing to do with the actual law. “So let it be known, that at all times, Ms. Jam did retain her legal right to not get her butt slapped.” Guys, Rebecca OWNS that courtroom. I love seeing her be good at her job, especially because she is so bad at her personal life. Speaking of which, the firefighter is still looking for her at the courthouse, and Rebecca finally sucks it up and faces him (READ: He sees her getting in an elevator and the doors don’t close quickly enough for her to escape.)

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Billy, who was choked until he lost consciousness the last time he saw Rebecca, can’t remember if he had invited her to the Firemen’s Ball yet or not. Judy, stuck in the elevator with them for this conversation, kindly offers to stand in the corner and sing a Drake song to herself, but Rebecca, still avoiding confrontation, clings to Judy’s presence like a shield. She told Billy that she was waiting to answer because Tedward has her calendar, but when Billy offers to accompany her to her office, she tells him that she’s actually going car shopping. He offers to go with her again, and this time Rebecca accepts. However, when Billy continues to bring up the Fireman’s Ball, Rebecca drives off the lot in her new car without him. Well, at least she can cross dealing with the death of her van off her list!

Back in court, the defense motions to get the diary removed from evidence, as without the sworn testimony of the owner herself, it is nothing more than heresy. Rebecca denies the motion, but in anticipation of this ruling, the defense had already filed an interlocutory appeal. This means that Judge Hernandez will have the final ruling on whether or not the diary will count as evidence. Hernandez rules in favor of the defendant, and Forbes gets to go free.

Forbes comes up to Rebecca after the trial, harassing her in much the same way as he does his female employees. “Come here you little tease.” In response, Rebecca jumps on him and pulls out her new self-defense moves, knocking Forbes out quickly. “If any of you guys wanna kick him in the nuts, now would be a good time.”

She meets Billy for drinks after work (okay I was wrong, she does drink something in this episode!) and thanks him for the moves. She finally officially tells him that she doesn’t want to go to the Firemen’s Ball with him, and also that she doesn’t think there is anything between the two of them. Billy handles it well, telling Rebecca he was actually relieved because he was struggling to find things to talk about with her, and was also feeling bad for sleeping with her just because she’s hot. This seems like a curve ball in Billy’s personality, but in the end it all

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