Red Band Society S1E5 Recap: Tell me what, what you really really want


By Rachel DeSantis

This week on “Red Band Society” we finally learn Charlie’s backstory. Turns out the reason his dad has been sneaking around with a guitar is because he kinda has a restraining order against him. We learn that four months ago, while driving home in the rain, Charlie didn’t feel well, so his dad reached back and unbuckled his seatbelt so he could lie down. Unfortunately, at that moment, their car was hit by a truck. Charlie’s mom was so angry at his dad that she refused to let him anywhere near their son – hence the sneaking around.


This is all very important because some guys in suits (I know nothing about hospitals, clearly) want to
remove Charlie from the hospital and into a facility because they have not seen enough improvement
in his condition to let him stay. Nurse Jackson, who has always been very protective of Charlie, isn’t too happy about this. We learn through flashbacks that before the surgery from which Charlie never awoke, the two bonded and she revealed a similar scare from when she was younger and a tree nearly fell on her. “When you wake up I will be right here. I promise you that,” she told him. And so, in an effort to keep the promise, she pulls a season 8 Meredith Grey and tampers with Charlie’s blood samples. Again, I know nothing about hospitals, but it looked pretty illegal.

Meanwhile, Dash has a storyline! How strange. Turns out he needs new lungs and is on the organ
donor list, something Kara can relate to very well. The two form the beginnings of a friendship and work together in a scheme to reserve some time in a high-end apartment complex. While their ‘scheme’ actually was super weird and poorly planned, it’s revealed to be a way for Dash to work his way onto the complex’s roof to create some Banksy-esque graffiti (let it be known that Banksy is the first hip reference this show has ever made). In a rather poignant scene, Dash says that he’s made his peace with his illness, and is now only trying to live for his parents. Creating art is a way for him to be remembered after he’s eventually gone. This show gets so ridiculous sometimes, it’s very easy to forget that at its core, it’s actually incredibly morbid and sad.

As for the Leo, Emma and Jordi love triangle, the three hop in a fancy, old-fashioned car for a taste of
freedom. Okay, first of all, the car is lent to them by a very strange character, a hippie old man who
hangs out at the hospital for no reason, so that’s weird. Second, JORDI DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO DRIVE. But he does anyway, with Emma as his teacher?? This is so illegal. And seriously, the first time I ever drove a car, I literally swerved around like a lunatic, I didn’t cruise in my ‘Stang like I was Danny fricken’ Zuko.

“What’s worse than having one leg?” Charlie quips as Leo is shown awkwardly sitting alone in the back seat. “Feeling like a third wheel.” Ha. I get it. Numbers. Hilarious. It must also be noted that Emma is wearing an Avril Lavigne-esque tie, like the kind you’d find at Kohl’s in 2005. She is also a 60-year-old woman. “This street reminds me of “Gone With the Wind. This street has a soul,” she sighs on the drive. Whatever you say, Emma.

Once they get back, miraculously without crashing the car, Leo apologizes to Emma for kissing Kara at the homecoming dance, telling her it meant nothing and that she’s still the one he wants. Soon enough, they’re making out…with Jordi watching from afar. Awkward.


The gang eventually climbs up to the roof (again, not really sure how or why they’re allowed to do that) and toast to Charlie, who will soon be leaving them.

Question of the week:
Do Emma and Leo have parents? I like to think if I lived in a hospital, my parents would visit me
a few times more than never.

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