THE WALKING DEAD, S5E2 RECAP: ‘Nothing happening to you now is personal’


By David Oliver and Josh Axelrod 

Cannibalism is alive and well, folks, so to speak. And it’s entirely upsetting. Who’s the first victim of Gareth’s wrath? Follow the jump and find out…

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DAVID: These two share some sweet moments this week – it’s like a random rom-com in the middle of an apocalyptic, desolate drama. She and Tyrese agree to not discuss what happened with the little girls. “I don’t want to talk about it…I just need to forget it,” she tells Daryl.


JOSH: Eh, I wouldn’t describe their relationship as romantic. It’s certainly a strong bond, but I don’t think these two would ever become a thing romantically. I like the theory that Daryl is gay. It would explain why he’s basically the only character on this show to never express a sexual desire. Unless he has a thing for Beth, which I wouldn’t blame him for at this point. Their bonding last season was adorable, and the way he went after that car to find her without a second thought makes me believe that’s where his feelings really lie.




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DAVID: OK, so no one is buying this dude’s religious shenanigans, right? He’s up to something, and that message Carl found outside the church “You’ll burn for this” is pretty ominous. Who is that woman in the picture though? Her zombie-self is killed earlier in the episode. So we may never know (but we probably will find out). None of the group trusts this guy. I did enjoy the group contemplating their religions and God as they found “sanctuary” at the church.


JOSH: Dude’s clearly hiding something. He must’ve done something in the early days of the outbreak that caused people to hate him. I bet he locked himself inside the church and hoarded all the feed, causing a lot of people either to starve or get bitten. That would explain the message. He’s also clearly afraid of just about everything, so it would fit what little we know about the character so far.




DAVID: “You are not safe. Never let your guard down,” Rick tells Carl. And he’s right. Gabriel says in this episode people are more threatening than walkers, which directly corresponds to Rick’s advice and what ultimately happens at the episode’s close…


JOSH: Rick’s caution is well-played, and I liked that he asked Gabriel the same questions he asked that crazy woman at the beginning of last season in order to decide if Gabriel was trustworthy or not. I also appreciate that it didn’t take too much effort for Abe to convince Rick to go to D.C. with him. After all he’s been through, Rick should be jumping at the chance to end this nightmare as soon as possible. Also, Judith’s little coo after Abe’s speech was one of the cutest moments ever.



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DAVID: These two are just too happy this episode, aren’t they? From playing cute games to get through the day to Bob’s near-death from an underwater zombie, things look grim. And it gets worse – Bob gets hit in the head by a man in a hoodie. When he wakes up, Gareth is standing over him! “You and your people took away our home…nothing happening to you now is personal.” Um, if you count eating pieces of your body (including a chopped off leg), it seems to be pretty personal. R.I.P. most likely, Bob.


JOSH: “The Walking Dead” has a knack for telegraphing when a character is screwed. Dale got an entire episode devoted to him before he died. T-Dog had his big moral dilemma with the prisoners before he was killed. And frankly, every time they’ve introduced a black character, another one has died. So the second they introduced Gabriel, I figured Bob, Tyrese or Sasha was done.


But poor Bob. First and foremost, I think he was bit by the water walker. That would explain why he was crying and about to leave the group when Gareth jumped him. But then for Gareth to eat Bob’s leg right in front of him was overkill, and I might mean that literally. Gareth is now officially a more despicable villain than The Governor. He was crazy and certainly made Rick’s life difficult, but he never did anything this evil.








DAVID: Will the group actually make it to D.C. with Eugene? I feel like this group will drop like flies as these episodes keep rolling.


JOSH: Like I said last week, there’s no cure. Eugene’s either going to die and take his cure with him, or he was lying the whole time for Abe’s protection. Just a guess.


Also, I like the friendship developing between Tara and Maggie. Now that Tara’s come clean about her role in The Governor’s assault on the prison, they can start off on a clean slate.


DAVID: (Carol kills a zombie)


Daryl: What are you doing?
Carol: I don’t know.
Existential or misguided? We’ll never know.


JOSH: Weirdly enough, I have a Carl quote too.


Carl: “Not everyone can be bad.”


Deep stuff.

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