By Anamika Roy and David Oliver

This episode was much more low-key than the rest of the season thus far. I would say it was boring but really, it was a nice break from the action and an homage to the tempered procedural this show used to be in its earlier seasons. That being said, there were plenty of developments within Florrick, Agos and Lockhart and Alicia’s campaign for State’s Attorney. We even got to see the return of cooky-yet-genius lawyer Elsbeth Tascioni (Carrie Preston).



ANAMIKA: I always thought she was lovably insane but this episode suggested that she has some sort of mental illness. I wish the writers would explain that more. Also, putting Elsbeth on the opposite side of Alicia was a great idea. Why wasn’t this done sooner? But it wasn’t quite as fun to watch. I wanted Alicia to win and watching Elsbeth from the other side isn’t as interesting. Bringing back U.S. Attorney Josh Perotti (Kyle MacLachlan) was a weird move. It’s not MacLachlan’s fault, but I always hate his characters.

DAVID: MacLachlan is always such a creep! I love Elsbeth, and more so because Carrie Preston is fantastic. I loved seeing things from her point of view – I kind of like how it’s kept a mystery, since she is a peripheral character.


ANAMIKA: Last week show creators announced that Archie Panjabi is leaving the show at the end of the season, meaning we will be saying goodbye to Kalinda. Honestly, Kalinda hasn’t been the same since season 2. She peaked early. I was never invested in her relationship with FBI agent Lana unless it benefited cases – sometimes. I like Kalinda with Cary and she needs to decide what she wants before she hurts him (again).

DAVID: Ugh, I am not looking forward to how much Kalinda’s exit will hurt Cary. Here’s hoping Cary gets a new love interest and soon.


ANAMIKA: Okay I was going to wait until later in the post but I can’t anymore. Finn emits a sexual energy like no other. His smile, the way he tilts his head, even the way he says Alicia’s name…okay I’m done being a creep. He’s supposed to be a series regular yet somehow we’re lucky if we’re treated to five minutes of him per episode. Not fair, writers! I’m so glad Alicia let him endorse her. Again, more Finn please!!!

DAVID: Ditto, more Finn.


ANAMIKA: While the whole cyber extortion angle was somewhat interesting and brought out some amusing office dynamics, not clicking on shady email attachments is computer safety 101. Watching Diane go back to her old firm, which is still named Lockhart-Gardner, was a great scene. It seems like Diane questioned her  move to a start-up firm a few times during this episode. Ultimately, she was able to solve the firm’s biggest problem, its location. She’s right, there’s nothing romantic about cockroaches.

DAVID: Watching Diane click that email was so frustrating. But I’m just realizing now this is arguably a metaphor for Lockhart Gardner destroying what was once a more solid startup as Florrick Agos, just saying.


ANAMIKA: Again, I never liked Peter. What is his problem? He threw such a tantrum in this episode over Finn’s endorsement. I almost wish Finn had been her only endorsement at the event. And as long as we’re talking about favors, Peter could never win without Alicia but I think Alicia could win without him.

DAVID: LOVED this confrontation. Alicia could totally win without him, though I’m not sure if other issues in the campaign will ruin her. This show is so unpredictable, but in the best way.


ANAMIKA: Saving the best for last. I know I was against Alicia running for SA at first, but I am loving this story line. So far it’s Alicia-1, political games-0. One thing I don’t understand is, why isn’t anyone at the firm talking about Alicia’s decision to run? It’s never brought up. One would think at least Cary or Diane would have a conversation with Alicia about it.

DAVID: Agreed – it’s like the stories are totally separate. Then again, they have their own problems with Cary.

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