GREY’S ANATOMY, S11E5 RECAP: ‘I finally feel free’


This week’s “Grey’s” primarily revolved around Callie and Arizona’s rocky marriage, and its twists and turns were all the same time surprising, realistic and poignant – and then finally not surprising at all. But we’ll get to that. Let’s scrub in:

Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Arizona (Jessica Capshaw), “Grey’s Anatomy,” photo courtesy

Like last week’s Ellis Grey history re-hash, we got to re-live pieces of Arizona and Callie’s relationship as they head to therapy. From not wanting kids to Africa to having a baby to the car then plane crash to the leg to adultery to a new baby and to a new fellowship. WHEW. These two have been through a hell of a lot in a short amount of time, as has everyone on this show, really. But for them the amputation and adultery really adds a whole other layer of hurt.

The therapist suggests the two separate for a month as a way to heal and figure out next steps. Arizona likes the idea, but Callie is extremely hesitant.

The two live in their house together but will sleep in separate rooms, with no talking allowed minus emergencies and no sex with each other or anyone else – basically living separate lives except for parenting Sofia.

The two struggle at first to not talk to one another and mess up a few times (kissing once and later having sex), but the two are able to focus on other parts of their life while apart, namely surgery but in reality so much more.

Arizona attempts to focus on her fellowship and starts to do well. When she knows her limitations, Dr. Herman respects that, but ultimately guns for her to work harder. Arizona sleeps with Callie close to performing an important surgery, and when she hesitates in the O.R., Dr. Herman notices and lets another fellow perform the procedure. She berates Arizona and says she hand-picked her for the fellowship slot and is turning into a disappointment. My two cents? Arizona’s better off without relationship drama right now and shouldn’t be with Callie to get her career on track.

Meanwhile, Meredith and Callie bond over marriage problems over drinks and later a cheeseburger. They discuss everything from Callie’s bisexuality to Meredith’s mother to Cristina. Meredith says she feels like Cristina was her true love and an asset to her marriage, but Callie reminds her that she was not interested in her sexually and makes that irrelevant. The two drunkenly sing about vaginas (yes, seriously). For a second I thought they were going to start making out at which point I would have thrown something at the TV because drama.

Arizona grows jealous of Callie’s time out of the house, which makes Callie inappropriately happy.

By episode’s end, Arizona is happy they spent time apart but wants to get back together. However, Callie realizes she’s happier and feels free without constantly trying to mend their relationship and calls it quits. But is it for good?

I like the idea of them being apart for longer, only if for Callie to be her badass self again. Ultimately, I think the two will end up together, but if they’re apart for the rest of this season or into the next I wouldn’t be heartbroken.

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