Gracepoint S1E4: “I Don’t Even Know My Own Family”


By Lexie Schapitl 

Nothing groundbreaking was revealed in this week’s episode of “Gracepoint”, and with so much going on, it can be hard to keep things straight. But here’s what I think you should know from episode 4:

Photo courtesy of Hypable

The cell phone number found in the lining of Danny’s jacket was that of Lars Pierson, a 24-year-old Afghan war veteran and the mysterious backpacker Jack Reinhold saw with Danny. Pierson is now a person of interest, but the police are waiting on a court order to search his property, which frustrates Carver.

Beth recognizes Pierson’s picture, and tells Ellie that he came into the visitor center three weeks ago while she was working there. He asked about campgrounds and hunting permits, and commented on Beth’s picture of Danny and Chloe, saying she had a beautiful family. Beth described Pierson as “perfectly civil, but odd.” Ellie assures her that they will find him, but Beth has little faith left in the police.

After Chloe tells the police she got the cocaine from her boyfriend, Dean, he is brought in for questioning. At first, Dean says he hardly knew Danny. But then Dean’s dealer says Danny was on the back of Dean’s motorcycle when he came to pick up the drugs, and that the two fought as they left. Dean says that Danny was “a lonely kid,” who was “always looking for a friend.”

Dean found Danny walking alone on the side of the road that day, and offered him a ride home. They later fought because Danny had shoplifted a crossword book and a pen from a gas station. Surveillance footage confirms his story, and he was working at his uncle’s restaurant the night Danny was killed, so he is let go, but not before refusing to be fingerprinted and complaining about how much trouble the police have caused him. Then you probably shouldn’t have brought a 12-year-old to a drug deal. Moral of the story, kids.

We still don’t know much about Carver’s personal or medical history, but he seems to be in rough shape. While chasing Dean down the dock, he sort of collapses and struggles to breathe. Later, Gemma tells him a package came for him: Pills, SSRIs to be exact.

Susan Wright couldn’t be creepier. It turns out she lied to the police about Mark working on the Harvey Ridge hut. Later, she goes to Vince, saying that the two of them “need to talk,” and invites him over for dinner. Then she KILLS A CHICKEN WITH HER BARE HANDS for them to eat. But I have to say, as she sat in her trailer and waited for Vince to arrive, which he never did, I really sympathized with her. Is there anything sadder than watching someone sit alone at a table set for two? Maybe she’s not so creepy, just lonely.

Paul is very protective of Beth, and Mark does NOT appreciate his concern. After Beth tells Paul that she spoke to the psychic, Paul approaches him in the street. First he gives him the business card of a local psychiatrist, then pins him up against the wall and tells him to leave the Solanos alone. Not exactly WJWD, but hey. It happens.

As Paul walks away, Raymond says he is glad Beth has him, because he “knows how close you used to be.” Later, we see Paul looking longingly at a picture of him and Beth at their high school graduation. While driving home, Mark notices that Paul has displayed a picture of Danny and a bible quote outside the church, and is incensed. Mark says he wants nothing to do with Paul and he never has, and that Paul is trying to get between the two of them.

The Solano family is falling apart. After discovering that “our angel wasn’t such an angel after all,” Carver decides it’s time to share their findings with the family. The Solanos have been constantly whining about being kept in the dark, and if they want to know everything, Carver says, they’ll show them everything. Ellie and Carver play the surveillance footage from the gas station, and ask Chloe about the money in Danny’s room. Mark outs Chloe and Dean to Beth, saying that he saw them together in the street.

Beth storms out, overwhelmed that her husband is dating a drug dealer, her husband is a liar, and her son is dead. Then Mark confronts Chloe about Dean, but Chloe is quick to point out that he has no moral ground to stand on. Mark not only got Beth pregnant as a teenager, but then also cheated on her with Gemma at the inn where their daughter worked. “I probably changed your sheets,” she says. Ouch.

Photo courtesy of Spoiler TV

What do Tom and Vince have to hide? Vince never showed up to dinner with Susan, so we still don’t’ know much about their connection or what it has to do with Danny. But when Tom comes to Vince to fix his skateboard, Vince is more interested in seeing what Ellie knows about Danny’s death. Does she know what happened? Does she have any ideas? Does she even know you’re here? Later, Tom tries to find out for himself. While his mom isn’t looking, Tom goes through her bag and finds Pierson’s picture and phone number.

The episode closes with an unexplained image of a burning boat.


  1. I’m revising last week’s prediction that Raymond killed Danny. I just don’t get the sense that’s where the show is going.
  2. Tom is somehow connected to the money in Danny’s room, and he does not want anyone to find out where it came from.
  3. If Danny’s killer really was someone he knew well, my money’s on Vince at this point.

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