By David Oliver and Josh Axelrod 


So, um, Gareth and the rest of the Terminus cannibals are disgusting, horrible people, perhaps worse than the walkers themselves. So how did our gang fare amongst the crazies this week? Get your crossbows and swords ready:

Photo courtesy of Double Toasted

DAVID: “Are you gonna feed us or join us?” Bob asks Gareth. Well, the cannibals are idiots, because as we suspected, Bob was bitten last week. D’oh. Bob cries out “tainted meat” while laughing manically, though the group isn’t sure if they’re in trouble or not since they did, after all, cook his leg.


The episode heavily revolved around the imminent death of Bob and the threat of the cannibals. Sasha accuses Gabriel of being responsible for Daryl, Carol and Bob all missing, only to be horrified when they discover Bob leg-less and then bitten. Tyrese tells Sasha to stay with Bob, knowing how he felt unable to help Karen. I love this brother/sister relationship – it adds a nice layer of family that the show lost with certain characters gone over the years (i.e. Amy/Andrea, losing Lori, etc.). Sasha insists Tyrese kill Bob if he stops breathing, which by episode’s end, he does.


Bob does remind Rick and the audience of something important before he dies, re: Judith. “Just look at her and tell me the world isn’t gonna change.” AKA, absolutely adorable and true and if Judith dies I am not sure what I will do.


JOSH: The only thing that annoyed me about the whole Bob storyline is that we never actually got definitive answer about whether eating tainted meat can infect you. Rick and company killed the Terminus stragglers pretty quickly, so would eating Bob have turned them into walkers? Not a big deal overall, but i guess we’ll never know. Actually, I hope we never know. One group of cannibals is one too many. No more please.


But Bob’s death was appropriately sad. Of course the eternal optimist had to be the first major character to go this season. At least he died with Sasha by his side and after having said his goodbyes to everyone. RIP Bob. You were a good one.


DAVID: Well, Gabriel isn’t so holy after all. When the outbreak happened, he locked the church doors at night and wouldn’t let congregants in to keep himself safe. In addition to the words on the church, there is also a scarlet letter “A” that eerily resembles the “Pretty Little Liars” “A” insignia. Crossover, anyone?


Following a church massacre (more on that in a second), Gabriel can’t understand what has happened. “This is the Lord’s house,” he says. Maggie replies, “It’s just four walls and a roof.” And she’s right. No time for sanctuary in a zombie apocalypse. Side note, have Maggie and Glenn said any words to each other this season yet?


JOSH: First and foremost, yes, Maggie and Glenn have had at least one romantic kiss this season. But moving on, I totally called that Gabriel’s sins would be him locking people out of his church. Once a coward always a coward. Now that we know Gabriel’s big secret and he’s provided the group of temporary food and shelter, what else is left to do with that character? I say either teach him to fight walkers or ditch him. He’s dead weight otherwise.

Photo courtesy of IGN

DAVID: In an effort to retaliate, the cannibals break into the church while Rick and others are out, closing in on Carl, Judith, Tyrese and the rest of the crew, but Rick, Sasha and Abraham take the lead in slaughtering them despite a last reprieve from a desperate Gareth. Good riddance, I say. More importantly, Michonne got her sword (AKA her mojo) back.


JOSH: I love that Rick so thoroughly won this fight. He didn’t think twice about killing the Terminus stragglers, and the fact they threatened to kill Judith probably was the final nail in that coffin. I’m also happy the whole group agreed with his decision to end their lives. In previous seasons, there would’ve been an entire episode about the decision to kill them or not. It looks like everyone’s grown up a bit. Thank god.


DAVID: Dude wants to go to DC. Bad. So much so that he almost bails on the group. Maggie and Glenn join him by episode’s close, because splitting up was such a great idea last season…


JOSH: STOP SPLITTING EVERYONE UP! IT NEVER ENDS WELL! This is probably how Glenn is going to die. Sad.


DAVID: With a minute to spare, Daryl shows up – but where is Carol? Beth? WHAT HAPPENED?! Next week’s teaser looks like it’ll shine some light on that front. Overall, slow but solid episode that’s propelling us forward. I’m still in.


JOSH: Why didn’t we see Carol at the end of this episode? Or Beth? Looks like next week’s episode will answer those questions. Agreed with your analysis of this episode. Three episodes into Season 5, I don’t miss the prison or The Governor at all.

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