By David Oliver and Anamika Roy 

Another week, another solid episode of “The Good Wife.” Truthfully, I don’t know how this show could really go wrong at this point *this is not jinxing it.*



DAVID: Umm, I love whenever Carrie Preston graces our TV screens as this quirky gal. From distracting Josh in court to her obsession with “Call Me Maybe” to finally getting some loving, her screen time is always poignant, bubbly and wonderful. #TeamElsbeth

ANAMIKA: Honestly, I’m really disappointed with what they did with Elsbeth’s character. I think this week was a good recovery from last week’s weird hallucinations or whatever that was. But I miss the Elsbeth that got Will out of his bribery charge.


DAVID: Cary, you ignorant slut. Was that Harvard get-together worth it Cary? Did that Kalinda look-alike really satisfy your needs? Well, I guess you’ll never know since your supervisor showed up and pointed out you went out of state (Indiana) in order to get to that bar. Smh.

ANAMIKA: I remember in season 1 when Cary was a major douche. It seems we saw that Cary again this week. I still feel bad for him but he is deserves what he’s getting.



DAVID: Religion talk time – Alicia’s atheism won’t win her State’s Attorney, so she has to go on air discussing her faith. She consults her daughter, and ends up being interviewed about her daughter, Will and confirming her devotion to God. “With each passing month, I find my dogmatism decreasing,” she says. She skirts around the faith issue by saying she’s “open.” I’m glad she didn’t totally lie.

ANAMIKA: I don’t approve of how Alicia is using Grace’s beliefs to come up with talking points. But I think this storyline is a good commentary on the role of religion in politics in this country.


DAVID: Diane and Kalinda work to get the LG office space back which they get by episode’s end. Alicia takes Will’s office and she and Diane share a sweet glance across the offices. It’s heartbreaking and beautiful.

ANAMIKA: I loved the last scene when Diane and Alicia come back to their old/new office and Diane offers to take Will’s old office. Diane is just a symbol of elegance and also kicks ass.

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