AHS FREAK SHOW, S4E4 RECAP: A tale of two clowns

By David Oliver


Apologies for missing a week – though to be fair, the real action of the Mordrake story happened this week. Happy Halloween, kids:


The cast of “AHS: Freak Show,” photo courtesy http://www.hypable.com

Mordrake’s reign of terror continues as he searches for someone to kill, though it isn’t really a reign of terror at all – he’s listening to everyone’s backstories, though it’s unclear what qualifies as a reason to kill one of them before the night ends.


Elsa thinks Mordrake wants to sleep with him, then that he is pranking her, only to have him berate her and saying he knows she is a freak with no legs. It turns out Elsa was a dominatrix in pre-WWII Germany amid a period of sexual chaos. She did well and gained an audience, but ultimately lost her legs when the wronggggg clients go to see her and chop off her legs and film it. She became a star, but her career was over. Mordrake seems ready to kill her but he gets distracted by Dandy and Twisty.


Elsa (Jessica Lange), “AHS: Freak Show,” GIF courtesy http://www.huffingtonpost.com


Jimmy and Maggie leave the freak show and see Twisty. The people in the cage try to escape, but Twisty gets them back, while Dandy later knocks out Jimmy and Maggie and starts running his won freak show. He almost cuts off Maggie’s legs (how about parallels) when Jimmy manages to punch him out and tells everyone to run. Maggie tells them to call the police before getting chased by Dandy. “You ruined my Halloween,” he cries. Baby. They all escape except for Jimmy, who Twisty captures, but he has other things to worry about.


Mordrake asks Twisty to tell him his story. It turns out Twisty was just a simple-minded carnival clown who the freaks envied, so they accused him of sexual abuse and ran him out of town. He returned home to Jupiter, with the idea of turning garbage into children’s toys, like Rumpelstilskin turning straw into gold. After yet again being embarrassed, he tries to kill himself by a gun to the face, only to just severely distort his face, hence the mask. He again tries to join a freak show, only to feel the freaks stole the kids’ attention away from him. It seems that Mordrake is there to put the saddest freak out of his or her misery – and he does. He stabs Twisty in the chest (!) and he joins his ghost crew. I did not see this coming, until it all actually made sense to me…


Dandy Mott (Finn Wittrock), “AHS: Freak Show,” photo courtesy http://www.ibtimes.com


Dandy finds Twisty dead and takes his mask, after which he returns home and murders his maid (!) and laughs about it maniacally. Looks like we’ve got another crazy on our hands. Gulp.


The police ask Jimmy and Maggie questions about the clowns, but Jimmy basically tells the cops he will only talk to journalists to get justice for Meep. Meanwhile, the townspeople show up at the freak show to thank Jimmy for saving them from Twisty, buying tickets and selling out the show to Elsa’s glee (see what I did there? Because Ryan Murphy and “Glee?”).


Anyway, one of the better episodes of this show, perhaps, ever – can’t wait to see what the rest of this season has in store.

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