SCANDAL, S4E6: ‘Are you saying there’s hope?’


By Josh Axelrod, Anamika Roy and David Oliver 

“Scandal” has always been the kind of show you hate-watch. It’s the equivalent of eating a bag of candy corn: It’s sweet at first, but it inevitably leaves you with an upset stomach. This season has exemplified that with some strange plotting and more storylines than the show knows how to handle. But more importantly, #FreeJake.

The cast of “Scandal,” photo courtesy


JOSH: There’s still hope. How the hell is there still hope? Fitz had Olivia’s mom killed and was about to do the same to Jake before Olivia told him they could never be together if he went through with it. I get that Olivia’s love for him is unrequited, but how can she keep forgiving him for being awful? He even let his misogyny fly free by calling Abby a bitch. Olivia rightfully called him out on that, and yet a few scenes later she’s telling Fitz that the door isn’t closed on their relationship. Olivia should be smarter than this. Oy vey.

ANAMIKA: Hope? HOPE? God those two seriously raise my blood pressure. I would like to think Olivia just said that to get Fitz to not kill Jake. That’s what I’m HOPING. I can’t tell how we’re supposed to feel about Fitz. Are we supposed to feel bad for him or are we supposed to recognize him for the misogynistic pig that he is.

DAVID: I miss the days when we were supposed to trust Olivia’s “gut” for everything it was “never wrong.” I know this has barely been true since season one, but come on, pull yourself together! I’m just waiting for Olivia to enter rehab for alcoholism and Fitz and Jake – yes, together – being the ones checking her in. That’s my current prediction


JOSH: There’s no way Fitz could do that much damage to Jake. Just saying.

But Jake continued to be the MVP this season. Fearing that he didn’t have long to live, Fitz instructed Olivia to send money to his mother in Bloomington, Indiana (not Illinois, god forbid!). He then went on to tell Olivia that it’s okay if she ends up with Fitz. This show has turned Jake into a martyr, which is strangely working. This is the most sympathetic Jake has ever been, and yet the episode ends with Fitz transferring him to a maximum security prison. At least he’s alive, for now. I still say either Rowan or Jake has to die this season. My money was on Jake, but now that Fitz has to keep him alive for Olivia, I’m not sure.

ANAMIKA: I agree, to quote Harry Potter, neither can live while other survives. Now that they have both been command, there can only be room for one. I want it to be Jake, obviously. That scene with Olivia at the end was heartbreaking. I would love to see what the popular opinion is on Jake among viewers. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if Jake dies, bye bye “Scandal.”

DAVID: If Jake dies, there’s no hope for anyone to make it out of this series unscathed, frankly. He represents the life Olivia could have outside of the scandals, hence the two of them going off together at the end of last season into this one. There is life out there for these characters, but there’s no telling where they’ll end up.


JOSH: Fitz is a terrible person, but Rowan is pure evil. All he wants is to see Jake dead and buried, all to hide atrocities he committed. He has Fitz wrapped around his finger and came pretty close to convincing Olivia that Jake was the bad guy here. Thank God Olivia wised up enough to know that, if nothing else, Jake didn’t deserve to die. Sorry Rowan: Your daughter does have one weapon you can never possess, and it tends to bring men to their knees.

ANAMIKA: Again, I don’t understand why Fitz trusts Rowan. It makes absolutely ZERO sense.

DAVID: If Rowan doesn’t get his comeuppance this season, I’m not sure how much I can keep watching. He’s not even the villain I love to hate – just a plain, old villain.


JOSH: Uh oh, looks like Mellie hatched a plan for getting more power in the White House. A former First Lady told her that she was the one making the real decisions during her husband’s presidency. He screwed around on her too, but that only served to give her more influence. Looks like Mellie might take that approach with Fitz and Olivia. As if things can’t get possibly get weirder in this “love” triangle.

ANAMIKA: I’m loving this new plot with Mellie and Bitsy. It makes me wonder if the same thing was true for a lot of real presidents. I would love to see her plan her own presidential campaign.

DAVID: I want to meet Bitsy this instant. I’ve been saying this for awhile: here’s hoping Mellie runs for president after Fitz’s term is up and have her winning be the series finale. She deserves it after years of being cheated on and just being the best character on the show.

Leonard Carnahan 

JOSH: I did not see that coming at all. Carnahan had been convicted of attempting to assassinate a former president, though he said he didn’t do it. The only way to prove his innocence was to extract the bullet still lodged in the former president’s head, who as luck would have it just died. Olivia had to get David Rosen to sue Carnahan for murder in order to admit the bullet as evidence, which should have proved that it didn’t come from Carnahan’s gun. It turns out that Carnahan did shoot the president and just wanted credit for his work. He might be the sickest, most deranged person on this show since Billy Chambers.

But on the bright side, Rosen actually beat Olivia for once! That’s cool I guess?

ANAMIKA: What happened with Olivia’s gut this time? She was ready to take this case, initiate a murder trial and get a bullet out of a dead man’s brain with little thought. I just assumed the guy was innocent because Olivia was ready to move political mountains for him. And I’m glad Rosen won for a change, just for his self esteem if nothing else. Any one else think it was convenient that his drinking problem went away after one episode?

DAVID: Blah, blah, blah – this had me so bored. All I could think about was that this actor starred on “Private Practice” and played a therapist named Sheldon. Thanks for the confusion, Shonda Rhimes.

Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington), “Scandal,” GIF courtesy


JOSH: Way to tell off the boys Abby! First she got Fitz to contact Olivia about Jake, and then she figured out that Cyrus was probably the one to leak a sensitive story to Portia de Rossi. Abby and Jake are my favorite characters, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

Also, I wish Cyrus the best of luck when everyone finds out his hooker friend has been feeding information to Portia. Something tells me Fitz won’t be happy.

ANAMIKA: That Abby/Fitz showdown was fantastic. Fitz and Cyrus have no business telling Abby that her job is on the line. She is the only one with her head on her shoulders here.

Cyrus, I expected you to be much more careful and vigilant during this affair. I understand you’re lonely, but do you really think it’s a good idea to talk about top-secret White House goings-ons in front of him?

DAVID: Can I just say again how much I love Abby in the White House this season? It’s made her character 10,000 times more exciting and brought some life into some of the more monotonous White House banter between Fitz and Cyrus. Side note: isn’t the prostitution story eerily similar to The West Wing’s pilot?


JOSH: Huck didn’t have much of a presence in this episode. He was playing a video game every time Quinn needed something from him, which seemed uncharacteristically nerdy for him. He was actually playing online with his son, unbeknownst to Kim. It was a genuinely sweet payoff, and it was the perfect way for Huck to bond with son while staying away from Kim. Cute.

ANAMIKA: Awww Huck. I’m glad he was able to enjoy doing something normal for a change.

DAVID: #TeamHuck forever.

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