Gracepoint S1E5: “Everyday That Goes By, It Gets Harder”


By Lexie Schapitl

As of this week’s episode, we are halfway through the ten-week “Gracepoint” miniseries event, and the storyline is right about where it needs to be to wrap things up in the next five episodes. More suspects have continued to emerge to keep viewers guessing, but I do worry the show will have trouble filling time with quality episodes (I have dubbed this the “24-effect.” See also: “Pretty Little Liars”, “Grey’s Anatomy”, “One Tree Hill”).

Anyway, here’s what you should know for next week:

We don’t know who owns the burning boat from last week’s episode, but it may hold some clues. The seawater extinguished the fire before all evidence could be burned up, and CSI finds strands of Danny’s hair stuck in the wood. This delights Carver, who says this is an amateur move, and that whoever did this is panicking.

Jack Reinhold has a dark and incriminatory past. While researching the case, Owen finds that Jack was convicted of sex with a minor and spent time in prison before moving to Gracepoint. He was not on any list of registered sex offenders because the crime occurred before the registry was started. Carver and Miller bring Jack in for questioning, and Jack insists that the trial was a farce and that he had nothing to do with Danny’s murder.

When Carver asks about pictures that Jack took with the boys in the wildlife club, Jack says that he pities Carver for “seeing depravity in perfectly normal behavior.” Jack says he was reading the night Danny was killed, so he doesn’t have an alibi, but is let go. Owen goes to question Jack about the crime, and Jack does NOT handle it well. He grabs him by the jacket and orders him to leave, calling him “nothing but a snake.” Vince sees this incident and overhears their conversation, and goes to tell Mark about it.

Later, Vince, his mother and the Millers go to the Solanos’ for Sunday lunch in an attempt to find some shred of normalcy, when Jack arrives with Danny’s cell phone. He claims to have found it in the holding hatch while out in his kayak. He begs Mark to believe that he didn’t have anything to do with this, even though everyone will say that he did. Things certainly don’t look good for Jack, and they only get worse when the Oregon State Police contact Detective Miller about a similar case in which a young boy’s body was found on Canon Beach, several miles from where Jack used to live. As the episode closes, we see Jack burning his pictures of the wildlife boys.

The police are also suspicious of Paul Coates and Raymond Connelly. Neither of them has an alibi, and they have both acted somewhat strangely since Danny’s death. Paul’s insomnia just happens to resurface now and he “can’t remember” if he was up wandering around the night Danny was killed? Raymond, who is very interested in the Solano family and Danny’s murder, has been previously charged with theft and conspiracy to commit fraud for conning people with his “messages?” Dubious.

Susan Wright is in fact as creepy as I thought. After Susan submits an application to work at the Crestview Inn, Gemma runs her social security number to find she has a different name: Ruth Erlick. She tells Kathy, editor of the Gracepoint Journal, about this discovery, and Kathy starts digging. Kathy approaches Susan/Ruth one day, harmlessly asking about her double-identity, and Susan/Ruth responds by sneaking into the Journal late at night and threatening Kathy to stop asking questions, telling her “I know men who’d rape you.” UMMM WHAT.

We discover more about Carver’s personal history, and his health issues come to a head. Carver goes over to the Millers’ for dinner, and is generally awkward about the whole encounter. Making small talk, Joe asks if Carver is married, and Carver reveals that he was once, and he has a daughter, Julianne, who is 17 and lives with her mother. After dinner, as Emmett walks home he calls Julianne, who he hasn’t spoken to in some time. Back in his hotel room, Carver faints and Gemma takes him to the hospital. When he wakes up, he insists that Gemma can’t tell anyone about this, because he’ll be taken off the case, and he needs to find Danny’s killer. Gemma agrees, as long as Carver gets proper medical help, which he probably won’t.


  1. I’m going to predict that Jack Reinhold is not Danny’s killer, mostly because I really hope it’s true. If the Gorton’s Fisherman is actually a murderous pedophile, what does that say about the innocence of small town American life? Is nothing wholesome and incorruptible anymore?
  2. I’m also going to predict that Paul Coates is not Danny’s killer, because the not-so-holy priest bit is just so done.
  3. Who does that leave us with? My latest prediction is Susan Wright, because, um, do you watch the show? Do I even need an explanation? I’m also not totally sold on Vince’s innocence, since he is somehow involved with Susan/Ruth/Stereotypically Crazy Witch Lady.

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