Brooklyn Nine-Nine S2E5: “Please Return Your Guest Pajamas”


By Mina Haq 

On this week’s “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” everyone’s secrets are revealed when Internal Affairs shows up at the precinct to investigate a mole. Apparently, someone has been leaking classified information to criminals and Jake is the prime suspect.

Photo courtesy of Hypable

When the ridiculously germophobic Lieutenant Miller shows up to the precinct and announces that there will be a thorough investigation about who’s leaking cases to criminals, Jake is initially adamant that no one in the precinct could be the mole because he knows everyone too well. He says this much to Holt, who is on the brink of a meltdown thanks to the stress of the investigation and his drug task force that’s currently going nowhere. To make matters worse, Detective Wuntch is back and doing everything she can to discredit Holt and the precinct (which, at the moment, isn’t too difficult).

Jake eventually realizes that he’s in danger of being the only suspect since he often takes cases home to work overtime on them and neglects to bring them back to the precinct. So, he enlists Amy to help him get the cases back without anyone noticing.

Meanwhile, Rosa and Terry are still hard at work on the drug task force that’s looking for a new type of ecstasy called “Gigglepig.” Though they’ve made a few arrests, they haven’t found any high level drug dealers or stashes, meaning the task force is crashing and burning just as Wuntch predicted and Holt feared. They go undercover at a silent disco where Gigglepig is allegedly thriving and find a dealer who coincidentally went to the same preschool as the one Terry’s twins are currently enrolled in, causing him to go into full-fledged panic mode about the future of his kids. He gets slightly sidetracked during the interrogation and they don’t get the name of the supplier, meaning they’ve hit another dead end.

After Jake and Amy retrieve the case files from his house, he realizes he left some at his old apartment where Gina currently lives. Assuming that Gina’s just at dance rehearsals, they use Jake’s old key to get in and find Gina and Boyle getting intimate in silk robes (it was just as odd as it sounds).

Photo courtesy of Star Pulse

On top of being severely disturbed, Jake is heartbroken and betrayed that Boyle has been lying to him all this time about his after-work activities. Amy, always the voice of reason, reminds Jake to get back on track and he returns the case files, but not before Lt. Miller catches him in the act. Jake panics and turns to Holt in the middle of the night to help him catch the real mole, leading to hours of investigating that eventually ends in them scrutinizing themselves and Jake’s inevitable suspension.

Despite his suspension, Jake returns to the precinct in the morning and claims he’s cracked the case. He gives Holt all the evidence he needs to convince him that Miller is a spy for Wuntch and has been trying to get more information about the state of the precinct this whole time, which they prove when they trick Wuntch and Miller into admitting all of it on tape. Holt very epically tells Wuntch to leave his precinct alone or she’ll be “wuntch meat,” putting what’s probably a temporary end to their ridiculous feud.

There are victories all around for the detectives, as Terry finally stops being paranoid about his kids long enough to look into the dealer and find her phone records, giving them some potential leads for Gigglepig suppliers. Gina also stages a very theatrical Q&A with the precinct about her relationship with Boyle, stating she wants to leak the information on her own terms. In the end, Jake’s suspension is lifted and his faith in his fellow detectives is restored, hopefully for good.

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