ONCE UPON A TIME, S4E6 ROUNDTABLE: ‘A hero always helps strangers’


By David Oliver and Josh Axelrod

Well, that’s not exactly the way I envisioned “Beauty and the Beast” and “Frozen” would intertwine, but I do love how clever the “Once Upon a Time” writers are in their morphing of fairy tales. Time to build a snowman:

Photo courtesy of Hypable


DAVID: This week was pretty Belle-centric, with flashbacks surrounding her mother’s death and her quest to find out what really happened, because apparently amnesia is common across all realms at all times. The journey leads her to Arendelle, where she conveniently meets Anna who takes her to the trolls. Too bad Belle is more into finding out the truth about her mother than saving her new friend from literally falling off a cliff, because that’s what happens. I like seeing some of Belle’s earlier character development – it absolutely rounds her out to the hero we see her as today, despite her weakness when it comes to Gold’s love/trickery/what have you.

Belle also confronted herself in the Snow Queen’s mirror (yes, the mirror serves as a way for you to talk to your darkest conscience and much, much more) – but more on what she’s up to later.

JOSH: It was nice to see Belle get the spotlight this week. She’s been a very meh character this season, with her only role being to fall for Rumple’s dagger deception. But it turned out she’s been harboring a shameful secret about her connection to Anna, Elsa and the Snow Queen. It definitely adds a little darkness to a very milquetoast character. But then again, Belle is still in love with a man who has been deceiving her since their wedding day. She has the heart of the hero without the courage or brain. Oh Belle.

Photo courtesy of Once Podcast


DAVID: OK, so we know the Snow Queen was Emma’s foster mother, and now we know that her name in Arendelle was Ingrid. Anna was getting weird vibes from her, which she told Kristoff – unfortunately, Ingrid overheard and thinks Anna is out to rid Elsa of her powers.

Apparently, Ingrid and Helga were Gerda’s (Anna and Elsa’s mother) older sisters who mysteriously disappeared. The royal family had the trolls erase all their memories as to move on from the tragedy. But Ingrid’s plans for revenge are far worse in Storybrooke. Basically, she wants to get rid of Anna to be a family with Elsa, but needs a third sister.

JOSH: I love the rock troll CGI. This show is usually very hit or miss with the visual effects, but this one is actually pretty awesome.

When the Snow Queen said she wanted a family, I assumed she just wanted Elsa all to herself. I didn’t realize she wanted a slightly bigger family involving the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming (who did absolutely nothing this week). She just became 1,000 times creepier and a villain with much more interesting goals than power (Pan) or revenge (Zelena).


DAVID: Our “savior” apparently looks like Ingrid’s sister Helga. A collective WTF?! Ingrid be crazy and a stalker. Not to mention the fact that she’s planning on having the town basically self-destruct itself with the help of her mirror. Elizabeth Mitchell is KILLING IT as a villain, I must say, and working that winter get-up.

Will the gang save the day? Happy endings always win, so, yes, but it’s really unclear how this will all work out.

Side note: Loved all the “Frozen” nods, like the shop and sauna, acknowledging Anna’s blink-and-you-missed-it engagement to Hans, etc.

JOSH: Apparently Ingrid has been stalking Emma since she left the Enchanted Forest? Okay, sure. So now we need to find out how she got trapped in that urn, what happened to Anna in both the Enchanted Forest and Storybrooke, and why neither Elsa nor Emma remembers the Snow Queen. Tick tock “Once!”

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