THE GOOD WIFE, S6E7 ROUNDTABLE: Asking for things


By Anamika Roy and David Oliver

This episode was enjoyable for many reasons, the first of which was that Finn Polmar was in a lot it but we’ll get to that later. But there’s one question that still sticks in our minds and won’t go away: Why is Alicia running for state’s attorney?

Wall Street Journal


ANAMIKA: David, our prayers were answered! Sooo much Finn in this episode AND we got two Finn-Alicia bar scenes. Perfection. I’m so glad Finn resigned from his ASA job. Now I have no reason to dislike him. I was expecting Alicia to hire him but office neighbors is a step in the right direction. I hope the writers make good use of him.

DAVID: Praise these writers. I just hope this frees up time for Alicia and Finn to explore their relationship more. Though if they do any funny business in Will’s office I would be appalled.

Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies), “The Good Wife,” GIF courtesy


ANAMIKA: As I’ve said before, the storytelling on this show is exceptional. I actually thought Cary might be guilty of burying the cocaine for Lemond Bishop based on the evidence Finn found and some of the testimony. Even Diane was panicking.

There were some heart-wrenching scenes between Cary and Kalinda in this episode. That text conversation in court followed by Kalinda’s teary smile to Cary was such a contrast to the stone face we usually see from the investigator. I’m sad she’s leaving at the end of the season.

Kalinda’s way of showing how she feels about Cary is to find Trey Wagner – the only witness that can prove Cary’s innocence. Of course he gets killed in car crash – ordered by Bishop probably. Looks like Kalinda and Cary will have to stay 30 feet apart for a while longer.

DAVID: UGH, those texts killed me. Something tells me there is someone we’re not even seeing pulling so many of these strings. Perhaps a character we haven’t seen in awhile? For some reason I feel like Colin Sweeney is the mastermind behind all of Alicia and her firm’s problems. Imagine a case where Sweeney and Bishop teamed up – that’d be a doozy.


ANAMIKA: I love the chemistry between these two. The characters would make for a hilarious spin-off web series. It must be really difficult manage a campaign for someone as stubborn as Alicia. It’s really interesting to compare the differences in how Eli handles Alicia’s campaign to how he handled Peter’s. As a non-politician Alicia is much more difficult to coax into Eli’s tricks. But he might get what he wants after Prady’s maneuver this week.

DAVID: I’m just waiting for the Johnny/Alicia/Finn love triangle to start. Apologies that’s all I want to see come out of this storyline, even if it means Alicia loses.


ANAMIKA: Ramona is an obvious parallel to Alicia from six years ago, but I wonder if Peter is supposed to be Will in this scenario. I don’t care about that second angle – if it exists. Ramona has potential, her handling of Cary’s subpoena was really smart. I’d love to see her more in future episodes.

DAVID: Peter is too bad of a person to be the “Will” in this scenario – and if he knows what’s good for him, he won’t pursue any other affairs.


ANAMIKA: Okay, the weakest the point of this episode was the lack of its ability to answer the question: Why is Alicia running for state’s attorney? There has to be more than ‘I don’t like Castro.’ Alicia probably doesn’t like a lot of people, that doesn’t mean she will go after their jobs. Alicia has never been political, apparently she hates asking for things and she has zero prosecutoral experience. I can’t think of anything that would want her to pursue the SA’s office, she just opened her own firm!

Lauren Hoffman at Vulture writes in her recap of this week’s episode that she has a very low tolerance for secondhand awkwardness. I’m totally with her. I was hiding under the covers during Alicia’s interview. CRINGE. Again, why is she running?

DAVID: She’s running because she doesn’t know what to do without Will – that’s my best guess. She needs her life to have purpose again. The firm and her family wouldn’t be enough to keep her afloat, so this is more of a distraction. I don’t think she’s going to win – calling it now.

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