AHS FREAK SHOW, S4E5 RECAP: ‘I am perfection’


By David Oliver

Holy plot, Batman! Err, Strongman I should say. This week featured some of the season’s biggest developments, though left us with many questions about where it’s all heading. All this plus quite the guest appearance by Matt Bomer! Proceed if you dare:

Andy (Matt Bomer) and Dandy (Finn Wittrock), “AHS Freak Show,” photo courtesy http://www.eonline.com


We’re back at the morbidity museum and get a few glimpses about some of our characters’ fates, including Bette and Dot’s uncertain future (bodies on display?) – it’s unclear whether this is a legitimate flash forward or just what Stanley wants to happen.

Stanley and Maggie make more of their con plans, but will her fondness for Jimmy get in the way? My vote is yes, especially considering the almost-kiss the two share.


Looking for comfort, Jimmy goes to see Desiree, who misses being a team with Dell. Jimmy continues to feel guilty about Meep and starts kissing Desiree. The two start getting busy, but before things get too intimate she starts bleeding pretty heavily. After a hospital visit, it turns out Desiree’s penis is actually an enlarged clitoris that can be removed, and her bleeding was due to a miscarriage (!) – yes, she was pregnant and didn’t know.

But there’s an even larger issue looming: Dell is gay (!) and has been having affairs with men for years, and in this town it’s with Matt Bomer’s male prostitute Andy. Dell claims to love him after knowing him a month. Andy questions why Dell has kept his being gay a secret – he’s “already a freak.” Later, Andy meets Dandy and is in for a rude awakening, but more on that later.

Dell goes to Desiree’s doctor and literally breaks his hands after finding out he plans on removing Desiree’s extra appendage. And that wasn’t even the most graphic scene in this episode.

Dot (Sarah Paulson), “AHS Freak Show,” GIF courtesy http://www.popcultureplayground.com


In a fake-out sequence, Stanley tricks Bette into eating a poisoned cupcake and dying, following him murdering Dot who is in agony without her other half – but none of this actually happens. Not exactly sure where the show is going with its timeline, but I’m curious to see how it all unfolds, even if it’s confusing at times. With “AHS,” it all seems to make sense in the end for the most part.


Elsa gets food thrown at her by freak show attendees after a “Life on Mars” performance doesn’t go over well, and by episode’s end she’s at Gloria Mott’s bringing Dot and Bette to her, seemingly trying to pawn them off so she can have the spotlight and have all Stanley’s attention to herself.


But before any of this, earlier in the episode Gloria finds Dora dead and just tells Dandy to go to his room. She rationalizes his behavior, blaming it on inbreeding by the wealthy.

Well, Dandy is full-on crazy if we didn’t know that already. He claims “This body is America,” and that he wants to be murderer. “I am no clown,” “I am perfection,” “I am the future,” are statements he starts making. OK, crazy.

We get quite a few shots of his physique in a montage while he says all this. He later goes to the gay bar Dell was in and picks up Andy. He takes him to Twisty’s trailer (!) and insists he’s not gay, but that the two strip naked and turn around and see what happens. Andy (ugh) agrees,  but when he turns around Dandy stabs him multiple times. He starts dismembering the body, but Andy is still alive! One arm off, and still alive. Dandy says, “You’re making me feel bad.” Really, Dandy, do you feel bad? Because if so, you probably wouldn’t be murdering someone, just saying.

This seemed reminiscent of Shelley from “AHS Asylum” begging to be murdered, both her and Andy saying “please kill me” due to their dismemberment. Perhaps this is part of what Ryan Murphy meant when saying the seasons are all connected?

Dora’s daughter Regina calls Gloria to find out where she is – and Gloria lies. How long is it before Regina comes to town, and will she fall vicitm by Dandy’s hand, or even Gloria’s? I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for next week already, and hope you are, too.

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