GREY’S ANATOMY, S11E6 RECAP: Secrets, secrets are no fun


By David Oliver

Anyone else miss “Grey’s” last week? I certainly did. What started out as a disappointing filler episode became more and more telling for our favorite characters, ending with one huge bombshell that has the potential of major aftershocks for many across Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Scalpel, please:

April Kepner (Sarah Drew) and Karen Kepner (Connie Ray), “Grey’s Anatomy,” photo courtesy


Derek wants Meredith to invite Maggie over for dinner, which results in many awkward interactions throughout the episode, as Derek then invites Richard to try and piece a family together. Derek tells Meredith this is why she wanted to stay in Seattle, to be closer to family, but he later apologizes, acknowledging this was a passive aggressive remark. Hooray, relationship progress!

The two end up missing their party guests’ arrival (more on that later) because they decide to take a time out and have shower sex. Finally, the Mer/Der we know and love. Hopefully it stays this way.

Meredith Grey, “Grey’s Anatomy,” GIF courtesy



April’s mom is in town and spends time with Jackson picking out everything for the nursery. April interprets this as hovering and tells her she doesn’t want her help. The two later reconcile, her mother saying that she is so proud of April’s life even though she doesn’t understand it, but she does know how to take care of babies and wants to be there for her. April also apologizes to Jackson, who is terrified of being a father, reassuring him he’ll be good at it. D’aw.


Maggie doesn’t want to go to dinner if Richard will be there, though she later gives in. The two are stuck at the door together while Meredith and Derek are going at it, and Richard apologizes for not being there. Maggie says she already has a dad, she just wanted Richard to be honest with her. She bails on dinner, but says it’s OK when he says he didn’t know what to do. I hope the two officially reconcile soon, because I’m more interested in seeing the drama between a Maggie/Richard/Meredith type of family relationship and what can ensue. Especially if Maggie has/gets Alzheimer’s.


Bailey is concerned about her health following a patient who eats poorly (who also has a tumor and dies by episode’s end), so she starts jogging and wants to take better care of herself. Don’t we all, Bailey, don’t we all.


The three work on a homeless veteran patient, which makes both Jo and Owen take stock of their lives, with Owen investing time to help her and Jo seeking comfort in Alex. As for Callie…

Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez) and Arizona Robbins (Jessica Capshaw), “Grey’s Anatomy,” GIF courtesy


…and Arizona, things are tense as they haven’t told anyone about the break-up. Arizona is styaing in the hospital a la Callie when she first joined the series. Dr. Herman is more intense than ever and wants Arizona to prep for surgery by reading a journal article and her footnotes, as she has to leave for a personal matter. Alex tells Arizona to suck it up after she whines to him. Good job, Alex, as she should stop whining.

Herman wants Arizona to perform the procedure precisely as her notes say, and she gets angry when Arizona only follows the “gist.” Arizona fears she’s going to get fired and tells Alex about her break-up with Callie and how being fired would make losing her marriage worth nothing, since the fellowship was basically “the nail in the coffin” to that.

But that’s the least of her problems: it turns out Herman has an inoperable brain tumor (!) and will be dead in six months (!!!), so she’s trying to teach Arizona everything she can with the time she has left. Arizona is the only one who knows in the hospital and is to keep it a secret so Herman can keep working despite her eventual deterioration. Since fetal surgery is so cutting-edge, there aren’t many textbooks about it, so Herman wants Arizona to basically become her so she can live on and make sure her work isn’t for nothing.

This feels a bit like the Lillian plotline on “Masters of Sex,” no? Regardless, this could involve Derek and Amelia trying to save Herman, while Callie and Alex will need to be there for Arizona. This could prove to be one of “Grey’s” more exciting arcs in a long time, but time will tell.

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