5 Reasons to Get Excited for “The Newsroom” Tonight


By Josh Axelrod

I have a confession to make: I enjoyed Season 2 of “The Newsroom” more than just about any other drama on TV last year. Yup, that includes that amazing season of “Game of Thrones,” Bert Cooper singing on “Mad Men” and Carol telling Lizzy to look at the flowers on “The Walking Dead.” I’m not saying it’s better than those shows, but I had more fun with it than Leona Lansing drunkenly ranting about Daniel Craig.

Of course, right as the show was hitting its stride, HBO had to go and cancel it. At least we’re getting one last season to see what happens to the Atlantic Cable News gang. The end starts tonight, so get as excited about the return of “The Newsroom” as I am:

Sloan and Don

Forget about Will and Mac. This is the couple that absolutely NEEDS to be an established thing by the time ACN airs its last broadcast. Just watch their kiss in the Season 2 finale:

“What I have can’t be taught” is one of my favorite lines ever. Don has totally done everything to live up to the “you’re a good guy” speech Sloan gave him in Season 1. Hopefully the show turns them into a power couple, but either way I’m excited to see where this relationship goes from here.

Mac and Will

These two have been dancing around their feelings since the show began, and in last season’s finale they finally committed to each other. Will popped the question after a weird realization, and Mac said yes. Random, but still necessary:

How they got together is in the past. Just picture these two as an engaged couple, bickering constantly but still always somehow making up just in time for evening’s show. Plus, we never have to see Hope Davis’s gossip columnist Nina Howard ever again. Hopefully.

Maggie and Jim

Weird, right? Who could’ve been excited about this relationship after Season 1? Maggie Jordan was one of TV’s most annoying characters, and Jim was just blah. Remember Maggie’s “Sex and the City” rant? Yeah, I’ve tried to block it out of my mind too:

Yet Season 2 made Maggie an interesting character with her traumatizing trip to Africa. Suddenly she was less hopelessly inept at love and, more importantly, her job. Jim, on the other hand, got over Maggie (sort of), covered the crap out of Mitt Romney’s campaign and started dating Meryl Streep’s daughter. Now that these two are more compelling characters, their inevitable reconciliation is actually something worthy of excitement.

Charlie Skinner

Good old Charlie, everyone’s favorite news dinosaur. He’s a mellow guy most of the time, but he’ll start yelling pretty quickly when you get him mad. Exhibit A:

Everyone’s favorite alcoholic news director will be back to whatever it is he does for ACN. Seriously, what does he do besides drink and justify ACN’s existence to Leona Lansing? Whatever he does, it’s guaranteed to be entertaining.

Genoa Fallout

Besides the office drama, what made last season so fascinating was watching the Operation Genoa story slowly unravel in ways that no one could have predicted. Did you guess that one of the key sources had brain damage? Yeah, didn’t think so. We all knew Genoa had holes, but who would’ve guessed the whole thing was a lie? The slow burn made for fascinating TV.

ACN was in bad shape at the end of last season, having more or less completely lost the trust of the public. It’s still functioning and everyone has their jobs, but now it has to regain its audience’s trust before it drops too far in the ratings. It’ll be fun to watch ACN try to dig themselves out of this hole.

Welcome back Will McAvoy and company! We missed you.

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