THE WALKING DEAD, S5E5 ROUNDTABLE: ‘This is the definition of fine’


By David Oliver and Josh Axelrod

So, well, umm, an important secret came out this episode, one that fundamentally changes the structure of the entire series going forward.

Not gonna spoil it for you here, so ONLY READ ON IF YOU’VE SEEN IT. You’ve been warned:

The cast of “The Walking Dead,” photo courtesy


DAVID: We got some flashbacks of Abraham’s life before he met Eugene, and things looked pretty grim. It appears he murdered tons of people in a supermarket in front of his family, which scared them off and and ultimately killed them. About to kill himself, Eugene shows up and needs help getting rid of walkers. This is where Eugene tells Abraham he’s on a mission…little does he know that Eugene isn’t exactly telling the truth, but more on that later.

I knew Abraham had rage but didn’t know it was bad enough to murder people. Side note, did anyone else call that he was boning Rosita? Because I had no idea, and it seemed weird for them to do it in the library amid all the chaos. But I guess everyone has to scratch the itch sometime, even in a zombie apocalypse. Not to mention Abraham’s creepy humming in the library, which set an oddly appropriate ominous tone to the scenes.

I thought the bus crash was a tad suspicious and convenient, but had no clue that someone would actually intentionally endanger everyone’s lives.

JOSH: I’m glad we finally got to see Rosita do something other than agree with every word Abraham says. Eugene mentioned a lot of names of people who died protecting him on his mission to D.C., and Rosita seemed particularly disturbed by their losses. Plus, we got to see her kick some serious zombie butt and stand up to Abraham in ways Glenn wouldn’t. I’m a big fan of her character now.

Abraham though still leaves a lot to be desired. He has ridiculous anger issues, and now we know he’s either a cold-blooded murderer or the type of husband and father who would do anything to save his family. Whatever the reason for killing all those people in the supermarket, he successfully scared his family off, which led to their deaths. But then again, he’s also the type of guy who could get a girl as attractive as Rosita to sleep with him. So maybe there’s a softer side to Abraham that we have yet to see. But as of now, I’m betting he’s more likely to get his team killed than help protect them.


DAVID: Aaaand here’s the guy behind it all. Eugene was pretty funny through most of the episode, describing his mullet as making him look like “a fun guy” and taking charge with his first kill and later expertly using a fire hose to kill a whole bunch of walkers. He also watches Abraham and Rosita sleep together: “Cards on the table I was watching them,” he tells Tara. Umm, weird but hilarious.

He tells Tara he made sure the bus crashed intentionally with glass from the church. “If I don’t save the world I have no value,” he says. Little do we know that he wasn’t kidding. Looking at a field of walkers – Tara saying “This is the definition of fine” – Eugene admits that he’s not a scientist and doesn’t know how to stop the walkers. He just wanted to get to D.C. because he thought it would be the safest place to be, and he’s a good liar and smart enough to attach to people who could get him there and protect him. All this before Abraham wanted to push through the walkers to get closer to D.C.

EUGENE, COME ON! I just thought the guy would die before they got to D.C., but for him to actually have lied this whole time?  Where is this show actually headed now?! Abraham repeats history and punches Eugene dead, so R.I.P. Eugene. Honestly, good riddance, though Abraham appears to be back at square one from his flashback – with everyone horrified at his actions.


Of course there’s no cure. How could there be? A cure equals an endgame, and the whole point of the zombie apocalypse is there is no end in sight. You survive for the sake of it, not because you expect salvation. You look for comfort and safety, not sanctuary. I will say though, I assumed Eugene was at least a scientist. The fact he never even had the chance of knowing a cure made the number of people who were killed protecting him even more appalling. And I don’t know if Abraham killed Eugene or not, but I kind of hope he did. That character served his purpose, and having Abraham kill him in anger reinforces Abraham’s character and is a fitting conclusion for the lying coward that was Eugene.


DAVID: I missed these two, and they shared some sweet moments this episode despite all he craziness surrounding them. I really hope these two last, relationship-wise and, well, alive. Also, Abraham thanked Glenn for staying with them, but that was before he went all punch-happy.

JOSH: These two are too cute together. One of them is going to die this season. My money is on Glenn based on the little I know about the comics. Then again, like “Game of Thrones,” you can’t always assume someone is going to live or die based on the source material. I hope this couple continues to be adorable and survive, but knowing how bleak this show can get, I have my doubts.

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