Brooklyn Nine-Nine S2E6: “I Found Our Meatloaf”


By Mina Haq 

This week’s episode of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” featured a lot of healthy competition, with Jake meeting his match in a defense attorney, Amy and Scully battling it out for the union representative title, and Gina and Boyle fighting for a luxury hotel room. In the midst of all of this, Captain Holt adamantly tried (and failed) to stay out of the conflict while Terry acted as a sort of romantic therapist for Jake.

Photo courtesy of Hypable

Though Boyle and Gina have officially called it quits, there’s one issue that neither of them can maturely agree on: The nonrefundable “Luxury Sex Romp” weekend getaway Boyle planned that both of them want. Obviously, they can’t go together, hence starting a series of creative but ineffective tricks. Boyle even goes so far as to impersonate Tina Knowles, Beyonce’s “momager” and Gina’s inspiration, to try and get her to give up the room. Holt gets so fed up that he makes them both work overnight shifts, causing them to both give their hotel keys to their parents without consulting each other. Cue the awkward sexual tension between Mrs. Linetti and Mr. Boyle when they realize they’re stuck alone in a hotel room together. Maybe the Boyle-Gina relationship will span generations, which is either really creepy or really adorable.

Then there’s the Amy versus Scully conflict that Amy never really wanted to start in the first place. Scully has been the union representative for the past 12 years, which he’s obviously really incompetent at, prompting Rosa to sign Amy up to run for the position. Considering her career goal is captain, Amy fears the conflict-driven relationship with her superiors that being union rep would cause.

Photo courtesy of Pop Insomniac

Despite Holt’s attempts to stay out of this matter as well, he has a private “pow-wow” with Amy and tells her she’d be ridiculous not to run because he’s proof that it’s possible to make captain even while defying your superiors. Thanks to her winning campaign slogan (“Pick Amy, dummies”) she beats Scully, which isn’t really saying much. It was really nice seeing Amy have a career-driven plotline that didn’t focus on her helping Jake with something or her relationship with Teddy, so hopefully the writers follow through with her new position.

Finally, Eva Longoria guest starred as Sophia Perez, a beautiful and tough defense attorney who catches Jake’s eye at a bar amidst his no-one-will-ever-love-me meltdown. Terry gives him some tough love and tells him to stop talking about work and find mutual interests. Jake hits it off with Sophia but doesn’t realize she’s a defense attorney, aka the enemy profession of police officers.

Jake realizes who she is after she replaces the old lawyer on a diamond heist case, which is a very important trial for him and Terry, and immediately regrets sleeping with someone who defends criminals for a living. It turns out she’s really good at her job and Jake didn’t find a credible enough witness, causing her to win the case and wound Jake’s pride forever (or at least a couple of minutes).

He storms out of the courtroom, only for Terry to once again give him some tough love and tell him to ask this girl out because he’s clearly into her, even if he “does hate defense attorneys as much as the next rational adult.” Jake agrees despite the rivalry, adding Sophia to the list of new characters stirring things up for the detectives at the precinct. I can’t help but wonder if they’ll flesh out her character or if she’ll just be a catalyst in Jake and Amy’s inevitable but slow-burning relationship.

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