THE GOOD WIFE, S6E8 ROUNDTABLE: Feeling entitled


By Anamika Roy and David Oliver

This show is taking us through a dark and winding path this season. We’re not sure where the show is headed but there’s that feeling that something terrible is going to happen to one of the characters. The only question is who. After this week’s episode, Kalinda seems to be the one with the target on her back.



Anamika: Cary has always been a very underused character. He was influential, you always knew he was there, but the role didn’t give Matt Czuchry much of an opportunity to show his acting chops. That changed this season and last night, I think Czuchry won himself an Emmy nomination. His character post-arrest hasn’t been the most sympathetic. Violating bail after getting drunk at an Ivy League party makes it really hard for the audience to feel bad for him. He has every right to be indignant and angry over what has happened to him. It’s obvious that he’s a pawn to get to Bishop (sooo many chess metaphors). But as everyone has been telling Cary, none of that really matters to a jury, an outsider looking into Cary’s life to make a judgement. The scene with Alicia after she gives him that advice was the cherry on top to a great performance this week.

David: Damn, Matt Czuchry. Ever since your days on “Gilmore Girls,” I knew you were destined for great things, but this season of “The Good Wife” is truly your calling. I have to say I’m really enjoying all the twists and turns of this case and have a feeling it will somehow all work out, and I’m hoping Cary comes out better on the other side. I also have to say I loved Rita Wilson’s return as Viola Walsh – she’s such a great frenemy for Diane, and her mock prosecution with Cary was gripping.

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Anamika: Kalinda is going to get killed by Bishop this season. I’m calling it now. We already know Archie Panjabi is leaving to start in a pilot. I’ve said it before, the show has always described Bishop as dangerous, but this season is making clear HOW dangerous he is. Kalinda never gets scared, but when she sees Bishop, she’s terrified.

I was annoyed to see Kalinda sleeping with Lana. I thought she was ready to commit to Cary. Lana seems conniving and untrustworthy. I wouldn’t be surprised if she played a role in getting Cary arrested.

When Cary violates the terms of his bail to see Kalinda, it seems that Kalinda is seeing Lana to help with Cary’s trial, but it’s unclear how she’s going to manage that. Now that she broke that white card Bishop had given her to put in Lana’s wallet, I think the target is squarely on Kalinda’s back.

David: Kalinda has always been and always will be out for herself, so that’s not gonna change. I knew she would never commit to Cary. My guess is he’ll end up with someone the final season of this show (which I still predict will be next season).

I’ve always liked her with Lana, but I agree, her days are potentially numbered. Somehow, though, I think she’s going to escape with everyone thinking she’s dead, but the twist will be that we won’t get a glimpse of her when this show does end. We’ll be left in the dark, much like we are currently about much of her past.


Anamika: It looks like Alicia is finally learning how to be a politician, or at least is willing to let Eli tell her what to do. I didn’t like seeing Alicia make cringe-worthy mistakes during interviews. I liked that this week, the writers decided to show Alicia doing something with good intentions but was twisted by the media. It was reminiscent of things we saw when Peter was running for state’s attorney and governor. (Also, Finn volunteers in a soup kitchen in his spare time!? Just when I thought he couldn’t get any better!!).

Many many kudos to Alicia (well, the writers) for taking on a campus sexual assault case. I also don’t see the problem with her taking on a rape case during her campaign, it shows that she’s taking on a prevalent issue, one that she hopes to address if elected as SA.

This episode was the first time the show addressed how the campaign will impact Alicia’s job. The specifics are still unclear, how are Diane and Cary taking on Alicia’s cases? How do they feel about her running? What about clients? I’m not sure why the show is being so vague on this front.

David: Again, #TeamFinn. And I’m beginning to think that there was a scene where Alicia told Diane and Cary but it was cut due to time constraints in the editing room – just my guess. Eventually they’ll have to address it, obviously.

I think Alicia will make a great State’s Attorney if given the opportunity. I always enjoy her courtroom banter with Canning, and I liked that the two can still share sweet moments despite all the treachery in their relationship. It’s a testament to “The Good Wife’s” ability to have such layered characters and storytelling.


Anamika: I love love LOVE these two. The focus group scenes were fantastic (side note: how do you get on a focus group? I would love to sit in a room and give my opinions about people). I’m surprised that one girl was able to get into Alicia’s head so much. She dealt with an embarrassing scandal with very little regard for what other people thought. I guess it’s different when people are solely judging you and your actions. This episode was a good one for Eli, Alicia is FINALLY listening to him.

David: I want to be on a focus group so badly, and hope that doesn’t preclude me from actually getting on one. I also loved the trope of Alicia imagining what that woman was saying to her in her head, much like she did with Gloria Steinem. It’s a powerful writing tactic to get into a character’s head like that quite literally.

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