Mindy Project S3E7 Roundtable: “Welcome to the Danger Zone”


By Josh Axelrod and Anamika Roy 

This might have been the first episode all season to use the entire ensemble in compelling ways. The lack of Niecy Nash’s Dr. Fishman this episode was a little confusing for a character who still needs to be established, but other than that everyone was used well and the episode was made all the better for it.

Spoilers Guide


JOSH: I didn’t realize how much Rhea Pherlman we were getting this season. Sure, why not. She’s amusing enough, and she’s perfect for Danny’s Catholic guilt-wielding, shoplifting mother. These two strong-willed women are going to be in a constant battle for Danny’s affections for the rest of their lives basically. And Annette would’ve won handily this week if she hadn’t forgotten to take the tag off the stolen “Top Gun” jacket. Of course, it looks like her relationship with Mindy is pretty fractured at the moment, so I bet we’ll be seeing more of an Annette as Mindy tries to pick up the pieces.

ANAMIKA: I love Mindy and Annette’s relationship. It seems they have both met their match and their banter is highly amusing. I want Danny to meet Mindy’s family now.


JOSH: Of course Danny was obsessed with “Top Gun.” He’s in the right age group, and as we saw him get way to into “Danger Zone,” it makes perfect sense that he would want emulate Maverick. Of course here, he was really caught between the two women in his life. There was still time for a few well-placed “Top Gun” jokes, mainly those sunglasses that made Danny him look like Tom Cruise’s uncle.

Side note: I love that Chris Messina can so effortlessly go between being a jerk on “The Newsroom” to being everyone’s favorite boyfriend on “The Mindy Project.” He still deserves an Emmy nomination for his fake breakdown two episodes ago.

ANAMIKA: Danny in a faux fur bomber jacket was a fantastic look. Seeing him trying to balance his loyalties between his mother and his girlfriend is starting to get a little old. Again, time to meet Mr. and Mrs. Lahiri!

TV Over Mind


JOSH: For once, a relationship on “Mindy” that didn’t involve either Mindy or Danny went to an interesting place. After winning Abby back last week, it turned out Abby was just too chill for Peter. All she did between writing her novels was smoke and party. She wasn’t into adult things like brunch, which apparently is Peter’s thing now. Allison Tolman and Adam Pally had great chemistry and I’m surprised to see her go so quickly, but their short courtship provided Peter with some strong character development. Peter realized he needed someone who will challenge him, like Lauren did. Hopefully not specifically Lauren, because we don’t need to go down that road again with Jeremy. But I like where his head is at that stage in his dating life.

ANAMIKA: I didn’t quite follow the transition from Abby last week to this week. Last week she seemed like a quirky erotic novelist. This week she seemed like someone who never mentally graduated from college. But this was a huge transition for Peter. He has always been a bro, but now he wants something serious.


JOSH: Hey, their antics actually had noticeable impacts in two story lines this week! Mindy accused Annette of stealing Tamra’s charm bracelet when it was on her ankle the whole team (“It was the first place I looked!”), and they were at the Electric Insanity Ball with Peter and Abby. Whatever Morgan was tripping on, it only made him more hilarious. “Since you’re leaving, can I have your underwear? Mine is soaked. Not with urine, just sweat!” Classic.

ANAMIKA: I’m glad Morgan and Tamra actually got a story line but I wish Tamra wasn’t SO dumb. It was on her ankle? Really?


JOSH: He may not have been a big part in either story line either, but he still showed up in both, as opposed to just not appearing at all. That’s been known to happen when he’s not essential to an episode’s overall plot, but it was nice to see him counseling Mindy on what to do about Annette and reminding Peter that he should be looking for someone more mature than Abby. Though he totally deserved to be pelted with pens after reminding Peter that he stole from Lauren from him.

ANAMIKA: Mindy has done a good job giving story lines to the minor characters, but Jeremy needs a little work.

One-Liner of the Week 

JOSH: “That looks like something Rihanna would wear to hedonism.” -Mindy correctly commenting on Annette’s inappropriate swimsuit

ANAMIKA: “The only thing I have in black is my Catwoman costume. I’ll zip it all the way up.” – Mindy, obviously

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