AHS FREAK SHOW, S4E6 RECAP: ‘I just want to be loved’


By David Oliver

“We’re all just on the wheel,” Elsa says to start off the episode, in a bit of foreshadowing to what’s to later come on this week’s “AHS Freak Show” installment. Sharpen your knives, away we go:

Paul (Mat Fraser), “AHS Freak Show,” photo courtesy http://www.ibtimes.com

Elsa lies to the group and says the twins snuck off in the night. However, the two are at Dandy’s house, and Dandy tells his mother the girls make him feel normal and that he wants to marry them.

The group gathers to send Elsa off to Hollywood, and it also happens to be the week of her birthday. She later gets some “birthday sex,” so to speak, from Paul, who’s also been getting it on with Penny the candy striper (who it turns out is in love with him).

Meanwhile, Bette is smitten with Dandy, but Dot feels like she’s in some kind of servitude. Dot writes in her diary she’s only staying so she can save up money to get separated from Bette through surgery, and envisions meeting Jimmy as just herself. D’aw, but not so much when Dandy finds out Dot isn’t in love with him. “I was never destined to feel love….My purpose is to bring death,” he says to his mother. Those two give me a Norma/Norman Bates vibe x1000.

Dot and Bette (Sarah Paulson), “AHS Freak Show,” GIF courtesy http://www.tumblr.com

Earlier, Dandy ran into Paul at the drug store and Paul saw him buying two of every “girly” item, which tipped him off Elsa could be lying about the twins’ whereabouts. Elsa later smells Penny’s perfume on him and asks who he is screwing, and he counters back asking the truth about the twins.

Elsa then goes on a tirade and gathers the group, berating them, and then not letting them go until someone goes on the wheel to prove their loyalty. Paul takes one – or three, really, because, knives – for the team. He’s safe for the first two, but then she gets him in the abdomen. Elsa says it was an accident and that she’ll call a doctor, though she doesn’t, and leaves an ailing Paul with Penny who stops by to see him. It’s not looking good for Paul, or Elsa, frankly – Ethel says she’ll kill her if she finds out she lied about the twins. Elsa “just wants to be loved.” Please tell me this isn’t Jessica Lange’s last season.

In other news, Stanley wants Maggie to lure Jimmy away to get his lobster claws, but she suggests they take Ma Petite instead and drown her in a jar to send to the museum. Maggie is clearly falling for Jimmy, but does she go through with the plan? Almost, even putting Ma Petite in the jar, but she doesn’t (thank goodness). Maggie wants to run away with Jimmy, but Stanley won’t let her get off that easy. Jimmy heads to Dandy’s to find out what happened to the twins, as per Paul’s story…but will Jimmy make it out of their alive with Dandy’s murderous self-discovery? Whatever the case, this season keeps on bringing the cliffhangers, and I’ll keep hanging on.

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