Red Band Society S1E7: Back to Reality


By Rachel DeSantis 

This week on Red Band Society, we saw just how important Nurse Jackson is to Ocean View. With her suspension, everyone seems a little lost – and the kids (mainly Dash) are ready to do something about it.

Photo courtesy of Hypable

Photo courtesy of Hypable

Of course, their plans to make a sort of petition for her return are derailed when Hunter (AKA Greaser Boy with a Failing Liver Who Pushed Kara into the Elevator) shows up and tells them that everything they’re worrying about doesn’t matter.

“What does matter?!” cries an exasperated Jordi.

“Come with me,” Hunter says, and he leads them as they run through the hospital up to an operating room to watch a surgery. This show, man. Every single one of Hunter’s lines is so cliché it hurts my soul.

“When you’re on that surgery table, you’re alone. And if you don’t get off that table, you’re alone for that, too,” he tells them. Yikes. Not only is this guy cliché, he’s also pretty depressing.

Meanwhile, it seems Emma has officially chosen Leo over Jordi and they hold hands and text all the time and it really annoys Jordi and also me. Leo’s friends show up at Ocean View for a visit.

Uncle Fester?” jokes one of Leo’s friends, and no one under age 50 gets the reference. Anyway, Leo, Emma and his two friends head out to lunch, a scary idea for Emma, who’s still struggling with her eating disorder. As soon as the group sits down, Leo’s friends bombard Emma with questions. “When you watch us eat do you feel hungry or are you disgusted?” “Is it a smell thing, or is it more about control?” “Intellectually you must get that you’re killing yourself with this passive form of suicide.”

When Emma confronts Leo back at Ocean View for not defending her, he says he couldn’t because he agreed with his friends, implying he, too, believes her illness to be something she’s choosing to suffer through. Emma then runs into one of Leo’s friends as she’s leaving the hospital. “Everybody has something about themselves they don’t like,” the friend tells her. “He’s not going to wait around for you to get your act together.”

Photo courtesy of Hypable

Photo courtesy of Hypable

The insensitive remarks seem to roll off Emma’s shoulders, but maybe it’s time the writers stop letting that happen. Anorexia is a real disease, a serious mental illness that so many young girls suffer from. I’m sure everyone reading this knows at least one person who’s dealt with an eating disorder at some point, whether they’re aware of it or not. While it’s understood the show isn’t exactly realistic, Emma’s anorexia should be dealt with the same way the other kid’s physical ailments are. It’s a real and serious disease, not a trendy lifestyle choice that works well as the butt of jokes.

Meanwhile, we finally get a glimpse at what Nurse Jackson’s life is like outside of scrubs (She actually has a name! It’s Dina). Turns out, she’s actually a pretty great singer and used to be a professional back-up singer. After her sister passed away, though, she took her young niece under her wing and quit singing to take care of people for a living as a nurse.

The scene in which the other nurses drag Nurse Jackson to a cabaret club to hopefully reignite her passion for singing was so not necessary. First of all, giving her a whole musical number reminded me of the disastrous “Grey’s Anatomy” musical episode, so that obviously isn’t good. And two, Nurse Taylor Swift (who apparently is actually named Brittany, who knew?) is even more annoying drunk than she normally is.

Photo courtesy of Hypable

Photo courtesy of Hypable

Back at the hospital, Dash has a serious health scare of some sort, and we see Kara getting emotional for the first time ever, which is kind of nice.

After the gang writes a cheesy, “Breakfast Club”-style letter asking Dr. McAndrew to lift Nurse Jackson’s suspension, he actually does.

And she comes back just in time to see Charlie awaken from his coma! Sort of. He opens his eyes, but he’s still unable to talk. Ugh, what a cliffhanger.

Question of the week: Where did Mandy Moore go? I miss her.

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