GREY’S ANATOMY, S11E7 RECAP: ‘You never get away from it’

By David Oliver


In what was most likely a necessary episode for anyone who didn’t watch “Private Practice,” we got a deeper look into Derek and Amelia’s backstory, particularly Amelia’s drug-riddled past as news spread through the hospital like a dangerous virus (which has totally happened on this show before). Get your scrub caps on:


Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) and Amelia Shepherd (Caterina Scorsone), “Grey’s Anatomy,” photo courtesy



Derek has flashbacks throughout the episode of the day their dad was shot and how he had to protect Amelia in that moment. Coincidentally (or not so, really), the daughter of husband and wife patients knows Amelia from Narcotics Anonymous and refuses to let her perform surgery on her mother because she’s a junkie. Regardless of her recovery, the woman screams loud enough for the whole hospital to hear, leaving Amelia’s reputation – and job – in jeopardy.


Derek agrees to do the surgery, and Meredith insists he take Amelia’s side. Humiliated, Amelia talks to Richard, feeling awful for thinking she could ever get away from her past. He tells her to go to a meeting and that since she’s clean, she doesn’t owe anyone an explanation. She has nothing to say to Owen when he confronts her about it, and when Owen later asks Derek if he wants her to stay neuro chief, but he wants the job himself and is conflicted. He later defends Amelia to the board and says both he and the hospital should have protected her. It’s obviously looking like he’s guilty about not being there for her in the past, too.


Later, back at Meredith and Derek’s house, Amelia informs Derek she’s moving out. Derek confides in her how miserable and angry he is, that he isn’t who he thought he’d be and “all [he does] is hurt people.” Amelia tells him that’s rock bottom. OUCH. He really should’ve gone to D.C., huh?


Derek Shepherd, “Grey’s Anatomy,” GIF courtesy



Arizona has yet to make up her mind about Herman at the beginning of the episode, but comes close to telling Owen when a patient’s complications become too severe and Herman is nowhere to be found. Arizona knows a fetal surgery that could be done but doesn’t know how to perform it, so she opts for another procedure and saves the baby, but fails to save the mother. Herman shows up and tells the baby’s father that Arizona saved her baby’s life. Arizona starts yelling at her for not being there, but Herman has been getting radiation therapy that has made her feel worse than anticipated. Arizona, even with the glimpse of a possibility she could have saved the patient’s life if she knew how to do that fetal procedure, opts in for Herman’s plan. Because this will end well. Remember when Cristina lied about Burke’s tremors? While this isn’t quite as life-threatening to the patients themselves, it’s still lying and pretty unethical.




Meredith bonds with Amelia, Callie and Maggie this week, I’m guessing trying to fill the void left by Cristina. While these shoes are irreplaceable, it is pretty realistic the way the show is handling the huge change. Meredith, Callie, Alex and Maggie all end up at Meredith’s (Ellis’s) old house (now Alex’s) drinking and talking about the past, even reminiscing about George and everyone’s weird sexual exploits. They also have to explain to Maggie about how they all basically lived in that house at some point – including what looks like Arizona maybe needing to crash, showing up without calling ahead at Alex’s. Jo doesn’t look too pleased about this one.




Jo had her first solo surgery today and makes fun of Bailey out of nerves with Stephanie, but Bailey overhears. When Jo thinks she missed a step after surgery, Bailey tricks her to teach her a lesson not to second-guess herself. It’s nice to see Bailey being a teacher again.




Well, these two look too happy if you ask me. And if next week’s previews are any indication, their baby is not fine. Uh oh.


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