How To Get Away With Murder S1E8 Recap: “Should Have Used A Condom”


By Lexie Schapitl

I am happy to say that things are finally coming together on HTGAWM. Towards the end of the episode, our present day storyline reaches the night of the bonfire, just hours before Sam’s murder and the aftermath. Hopefully next week, in what is apparently the “winter finale,” we will see our flash forwards fully unfold and find out #WhoKilledSam. (Disclaimer: I hate TV hashtags and am using this one ironically).


Since last week’s promo promised that we would finally hear the story “straight from the dead pregnant sorority girl,” episode eight opens with Lila and Rebecca doing lines of coke and talking about sex on the roof of Lila’s sorority house. Specifically, Lila is worried about her first time, and thinks she may have waited too long, so “it won’t fit.” When Rebecca assures her that it will, knowing Griffin and his oversized ego, Lila says she isn’t talking about Griffin: she met a new guy, Mr. Darcy, and he has a wife.

Cut to the wife, Annalise, who is glaring at Sam after learning of Lila’s pregnancy. Annalise asks Sam if he knew about the pregnancy, which he denies. Annalise says Sam should have used a condom. Bonnie awkwardly watches this encounter, as Annalise has ordered her to stick around and serve as a witness.

Later, a giddy Lila tells Rebecca that she finally “did it,” and that Sam made her feel safe. But the good times couldn’t last, because in the next flashback Lila is crying that Mr. Darcy wants to end it. “I know I shouldn’t be surprised,” she says. “They never leave their wives.” Lila tells herself that it’s better this way, because Griffin still hasn’t found out. Rebecca calls Griffin “a Jesus obsessed control freak who forced you into a virginity pack.” Good point. But Lila says Griffin was right: “bad things happen when you have sex.” Coach Carr was right all along, kids:


Rebecca holds her hand while she cries on the roof.

In this episode’s COTW, Gretchen Thomas, a successful but overworked real estate agent and mother, is accused of murdering her family’s beloved nanny, Elka. Home security video footage shows Gretchen dragging Elka’s body out of the house, but Gretchen claims she was unconscious at the time. She takes sleeping pills because her stressful lifestyle often keeps her up at night, and they sometimes cause her to shop online, cook, and have sex with her husband while totally asleep. Fun fact: this was also the plot-line of an SVU episode, but what hasn’t been?

Gretchen doesn’t want to take the stand, even if it means she will go to prison for it. “Can you imagine waking up to realize you killed somebody you loved?” she says. Instead, the Keating team preps the other members of the Thomas family to testify about Gretchen’s actions. Gretchen’s teenage son, Cody, takes the stand and says that his mother never meant to hurt Elka, because she loved Elka. The whole family did.

If only he had stopped there. But no. Cody goes on to say that he especially loved Elka, and she loved him. Yes, he was screwing the nanny. This would certainly give his mother a motive to kill her.

Annalise is PISSED that Connor didn’t find this out while questioning Cody during trial prep. When Bonnie defends Connor, saying they were all blindsided by this, Annalise questions why she “tolerates [Bonnie’s] pathetic, lousy, presence in my house.” Ouch.

Connor, in an attempt to redeem himself, returns to Cody, and discovers that Elka gave him an STD: trichomoniasis. Pre-med major Michaela points out that trich is treated with tendazil, and that she noticed this drug in the Thomas’s medicine cabinet. It was prescribed to Gretchen’s husband, who had apparently also been sleeping with the nanny. When he found out about Cody and Elka, he killed her, and framed his sleep-deprived, drugged-up, couldn’t-possibly-be-held-accountable-for-her-actions wife for the murder.

Gretchen, now exonerated, is furious at Annalise for “destroying her family.” But Annalise insists she’ll thank her someday. After all, Annalise knows what it’s like to live with a lying cheating husband.

This week in the Keating Marriage Saga, Annalise can’t stand the thought of Sam with Lila, but she decides that she can only blame herself “This is what happens when you screw somebody else’s husband,” she says. “You become sad and barren, and even a dead girl is more of a woman than you.” Sam assures her that this isn’t her fault, that it was him who broke their relationship, and that he’ll do whatever it takes to make things right again. Doubtful.

Annalise tells Wes about Lila’s pregnancy, because she “learned her lesson about keeping secrets from” him, but asks him not to tell Rebecca. He agrees, and then tells Rebecca immediately. Rebecca wants to tell the police, or at least do something with this new information, but Wes insists they wait it out, and keep an eye on Annalise until they figure out their next step.

Then Rebecca tells Nate about Lila’s pregnancy. He asks her to get a sample of Sam’s DNA, and if it matches Lila’s baby, Rebecca will be off the hook. So Rebecca goes to the Keating house “looking for her gloves,” but really to steal some of Sam’s hair out of the bathroom. Only Sam is suspicious. He asks her to leave, and tells her she’s only welcome there when Annalise invites her. With this idea foiled, Rebecca and Nate turn to plan B: steal Sam’s cell phone data off his computer. When Wes sees the two of them in cahoots, he fears that Annalise has enlisted her boyfriend to set them up. Wes seems to be the only person less aware of the state of Nate and Annalise’s relationship than Annalise herself.

Bonnie reveals to Sam that Lila came to the Keating house the night she was killed. She told Bonnie she needed to talk to Annalise about her husband, but Bonnie sent her away. Lila asked Bonnie to tell Annalise she came to tell her something important, and that “he can’t keep it a secret anymore.”  That meant he knew about the baby. Sam says that they both now how much this would devastate Annalise, and that it woudnt do any good to tell her now. He then KISSES BONNIE to convince her to keep quiet, officially becoming the absolute WORST.

But Bonnie does the admirable thing in this situation and tells Annalise everything. She says she didn’t believe Sam could ever hurt Lila, but now she doesn’t seem so sure. “He’s not a good man Annalise,” she says. Annalise fires her, telling her to leave and never come back.

While this is happening, Laurel and Frank are hooking up in his apartment only to realize they have company: Frank’s girlfriend, Sasha, who says Laurel “must be the student of the month.” Teary-eyed Laurel runs off to Wes’s apartment to met Wes and Connor for a study group. But before any studying can take place, Wes realizes that Rebecca has disregarded his advice and taken the chip to go hack Sam’s computer. The threesome springs into action. Michaela steals the trophy from Asher.  The episode closes with Annalise calling the DA and demands that in light of Lila’s pregnancy, they collect DNA samples from all the men in her life, including her teachers.

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