THE WALKING DEAD, S5E6 ROUNDTABLE: “We get to start over”


By David Oliver and Josh Axelrod

Well, this episode felt a little slow and clunky. What could have been a really emotional, intense hour seemed to come up short in many aspects. Get your crossbows ready:

Photo courtesy of IB Times

DAVID: In a flashback, we catch up with Carol just after Rick kicks her out of the group, about a season ago. She does what any sane person would do in that situation and cries in her car (hey, at least that’s what I would have done). She then heads to a law office for shelter and later drives away and sees a sign that says, “Hitchhikers may be escaping inmates.” OK, good to know.

In the present, we catch up with Daryl and Carol going after the van that took Beth. The two head to an abandoned building to crash and spend the night, where the two discuss the possibility of starting over.

Carol: “I don’t think we get to save people anymore.”
Daryl: “Why are you here?”
Carol: “I’m trying.”

The two later kill some zombies in sleeping bags and tents, because obviously, and Daryl delivers a classic “The Walking Dead” odd piece of dialogue: “Good thing I skipped breakfast.” I see you, cheesy writers’ room. I see you.

Someone I was watching with pointed out the scene of Daryl and Carol at the top of a building was very similar to [SPOILER ALERT] the end of “Fight Club,” and I totally agreed. The two see a van like the one that took Beth hanging off a ledge and start heading toward it, but not before encountering Noah. Noah steals they’re weapons and leaves them to be eaten by tent zombies. I hate dramatic irony, why couldn’t they just get to the point about Beth?!

Anyway, the two go to the van and tip over with it, where I thought Carol was going to get hurt and that’s why she would be going to the hospital, but that doesn’t happen until later when the hospital people literally hit her with a car. Because DRAMA.

Next week’s episode looks epic with what appears to be everyone set to appear. Whew, this was an odd episode to roundtable. Josh, thoughts?

Photo courtesy of Daily Mail

JOSH: I was thinking while watching this episode how tough it was going to be to recap. It didn’t really work with our roundtable format of recapping things by characters. Also, almost nothing happened. This episode was meant to move the pieces into place for what should be an epic showdown between Rick’s crew and the Grady Memorial group.

Seriously, what were the important things that happened this episode? Daryl and Carol met Noah. Carol got hit by a car and was taken to Grady. Daryl and Noah drove back to the church to get Rick and company to come help save Carol and Beth. Am I missing anything?

The car tipping over the highway was kind of cool. I was legitimately afraid for Carol’s life for a second before I remembered we saw her being taken into the hospital alive a few episodes ago. Once I remembered that, all the suspense was drained out of the episode.

Now don’t get me wrong, “The Walking Dead” has done some great standalone episodes like this before. Last season’s Daryl/Beth episodes were shockingly entertaining, and the one where Carol had to put down Lizzie after she killed Mika was possibly my favorite episode of the entire series.

But this just felt like pure filler. That would be okay if more was going on, but all we really got were a few scattered zombie kills and Daryl and Carol talking about how awful life is now. Like I said, it looks like we’re in for an awesome Governor vs. The Prison-esque battle. It’s just too bad getting there felt so tedious this week.

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